Quiz 317 : Bank PO Special

Note: On January 29, 2010 RBI will present quarterly review of the monetary policy. This quiz presents some questions on macroeconomics & banking topics. Aspirants are suggested to clear the fundamental topics related to RBI’s monetary policy and current banking scenario. We shall follow up the policy in our daily updates.


1.Consider the following:
1. Notes 2. Coins 3. Credit
Which among the above come under the category “Common Money”?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2
(C)1 & 3
(D)2 & 3
(E)none of them

2.Consider the following:
1. Reserve bank of India Notes 2. Treasury Bills of Government of India 3. Bills of exchange of 90 days maturity 4. Demand deposits
Which among the above are near money?
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 & 3
(C)3 & 4
(D)1 , 2 & 3
(E)1 & 4

3.The monetary authority in India is Reserve Bank of India. Reserve Bank of India is bound to maintain a reserve against the note issue whatever may be the amount. This system is called as follows:
(A)Minimum Reserve System
(B)Proportional Reserve System
(C)Maximum Fiduciary Issue system
(D)Simple deposit system
(E)None of them

4.A Bank included in the second schedule of RBI is called as _________?
(A)Scheduled Bank
(B)Commercial Bank
(C)National Bank
(D)Regional Rural Bank
(E)Cooperative Bank

5.From the given options below bring out the one, which is not an instrument of monetary policy ?
(A)Bank rate Policy
(B)Reserve Ratio Requirements
(C)Open market Operations
(D)Plan Government Expenditures
(E)Statutory Liquidity Requirements

6.Consider the following :
1. Bank rate Policy
2. Open market Operations
3. Devaluation of Rupee
Which among the above are called fiscal measures?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 both
(C)1 & 3 both
(D)3 only
(E)none of them is a fiscal measure

7.Consider the following imaginary actions taken by Reserve Bank of India:
1. Reserve bank raises the Bank rate
2. Reserve Bank raises the reserve ratio requirements
3. Reserve Bank purchases securities in Open market
4. Reserve bank announces rationing of credit
Bring out the anti inflationary measures among the above actions:
(A)1 & 2 only
(B)2 & 3 only
(C)1, 2 & 4
(D)2, 3 & 4
(E)1, 2 & 3

8.Which among the following sector contributes maximum to GDP in India?
(A)Primary sector
(B)Secondary Sector
(C)Tertiary sector
(D)Quaternary sector
(E)None of them

9.What is the minimum and maximum number of Banks which can participate in a consortium loans?
(A)Minimum 2 maximum 10
(B)Minimum 3 maximum 12
(C)Minimum 2 maximum no limit
(D)Minimum 4 maximum 20
(E)Minimum 3 maximum no limit

10.Which of the following actions of Central Bank can increase deposit component of the money supply?
(A)Increasing reserve requirements / decreasing the volume of reserves
(B)Lowering reserve requirements / increasing volume of reserves
(C)Lowering reserve requirements / decreasing the volume of reserves
(D)Increasing reserve requirements / increasing volume of reserves
(E)None of them

11.Consider the following measures of credit control:
1. Bank rate Policy 2. Open market Operations 3. Regulation of Margin Requirements 4. Cash reserve Ratio
Bring out the quantitative methods of credit control?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)1, 2 & 3 only
(D)1, 2 & 4 only
(E)3 only

12.In which of the following actions will be taken by Reserve bank of India, to curb the excess liquidity, when the deficit financing increases?
(A)Increases CRR
(B)Decreases Bank rate
(C)Resorts to open market operations
(D)Raises the Tax rates
(E)all of above

13.In which year Tax Reforms committee was constituted by Government of India?
(A)August 1957
(B)August 1975
(C)July 1990
(D)August 1991
(E)October 1993

14.For how many industries the Industrial licensing was abolished after Economic Reforms in India?
(A)18 industries
(B)28 Industries
(C)48 Industries
(D)101 Industries
(E)All Industries except 18

15.Which among the following organizations confreres Avicenna Prize?
(A)World Economic Forum
(B)International Monetary Fund
(E)World Health organization

16.The name of Olof Palme is associated with of the following awards in India?
1. Indira Gandhi Gold Plaque award
2. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding
3. Padma Shri
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)2 only
(D)1 & 3 only
(E)none of them

17.Which among the following nations was recently India’s competitor in the voting for non-permanent seat in United Nations Security Council?

18.Recently which of the following stock exchanges has shifted its timing, which poses a problem for Indian Stock Exchanges?
(A)South Korea

19.Who among the following is India’s National Security Advisor?
(A) M K Narayanan
(B)Shiv Shankar Menon
(C)Lalit K Bhanot
(D)Dhanajay Keskar
(E)None of them

20.Which among the following has been adopted by the Tendulakar committee for measuring poverty?
(A)Welfare measures
(B)Cost of Living
(C)Inequality & growth
(D)mobility/vulnerability analyses
(E)None of them

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