Mega Quiz December (Second) Based Upon Current Affairs December 15-31, 2009

1.In how many agro climatic sub zones have been identified by Indian Council of Agricultural Research?

2.At which of the following place India’s first commercial 2 mega watt Solar Power Plant was launched on December 15, 2009?

3.Which of the following pharma company has launched in December 2009. a two-pronged strategy called “Prayas” to improve the quality of healthcare practices, aimed at bridging the diagnosis-treatment gap through a structured continuing education program for rural doctors across India?
(D)Pfizer India
(E)None of them

4.India is one of the High TB burdened nations in the world as per the World Health Organization TB Report 2009. How many countries in the world have been declared high tuberculosis burdened countries in this report ?

5.Who among the following is the CNN-IBN Indian sportsperson of the year 2009?
(A)Sania Mirza
(B)Saina Nehwal
(C)M S Dhoni
(D)Sachin Tendulkar
(E)Gautam Gambhir

6.In order to handle situations like wars and natural calamities, India has recently established an SPV (special purpose vehicle) called Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Limited (ISPRL) that will create a storage facility of petroleum. As per a recent statement of Minister of State for Petroleum,
Jitin Prasada, what target has been fixed to store petroleum by 2012?
(A)3 million tones
(B)4 million tones
(C)5 million tones
(D)6 million tones
(E)7 million tones

7.What is India’s highest One-day international (ODI) score (December 15, 2009) ?
(A)413 runs
(B)414 runs
(C)417 runs
(D)419 runs
(E)411 runs

8.Recently India has decided to partner with which of the following countries to open 14 ” Innovation Universities” in India?

9.What is the theme of Government of India’s official calendar 2010 which was released on December 16, 2009?
(A)Empowerment of women through flagship programmes
(B)Conservation of Biodiversity
(C)Better healthcare through national programmes
(D)Environment protection
(E)Education for all

10.Which of the following is the most active e-commerce city/hub of India as per the eBay India Census 2009?
(C)New Delhi

11.Where was held Bonjour India 2009 a festival of France in India?

12.December 16 is celebrated as ‘Vijay Divas’ (Victory Day) as on this day in 1971 Indian armed forces defeated Pakistan that resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. On this date, General A.A.K. Niazi of Pakistan signed the instrument of surrender before India’s which of the following army officials at
Dhaka, now the capital of Bangladesh?
(A)Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora
(B)Sam Manekshaw
(C)Hanut Singh Rathore
(D)Sagat Singh
(E)None of them

13.”Insurgent Crossfire” which is a book by veteran BBC journalist Subhir Bhaumik is related to which of the following?
(A)Terrorism in Kashmir
(B)Insurgency in North east India
(C)Naxalism In India
(D)Indo Pakistan Proxy War
(E)Indo China Tensions

14.According to latest data released by US Census Bureau, by what year India will be most populous country of the world?

15.In which of the following countries, Joybrato Mukherjee, a 36-year-old professor of English whose parents immigrated from India, became youngest chief executive of a university recently?

16.The central government recently decided to introduce visa-on-arrival scheme for tourists from five countries, which among the following from options A to E is not in these five countries?
(C)New Zealand,
(E)South Korea

17.Which of the following country lifted the Asian Junior Girls softball Championship title in December 2009?
(C)South Korea

18.In order to groom Indian beauties for the beauty pageants and bring back the Miss Universe crown back to India, who among the following beauties has launched ‘I Am She’ platform in New Delhi recently?
(A)Diya Mirza
(B)Sushmita Sen
(C)Aishwarya Ray
(D)Priyanka Chopra
(E)None of them

19.Which of the following country recently opened a Masjid India Muslim for ethnic Indian Muslims ?

20.How many countries make BASIC Group?

21.Who among the following key negotiators of India at Copenhagen also headed once World Bank’s Climate Change team in Washington, DC?
(A)Shyam Saran
(B)Chandrashekhar Dasgupta
(C)Pradipto Ghosh
(D)Ajay Mathur
(E)Vijai Sharma

22.How many extension did Anil Kakodkar get before leaving office on superannuation and Srikumar banerjee takes over as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission ?
(E)No extension

23.Which among the following are not correctly matched?
(A)International Day for Disabled persons – December 3
(B)International Civil Aviation Day – December 7
(C)International Mountain Day – 11 December
(D)International Migrants Day – 18 December
(E)All correctly matched

24.Lionel Messi who was awarded the 2009 Golden Ball award belongs to which of the following countries?
(E)None of them

25.Who among the following is India’s Environment Ambassador ?
(A)Shyam Saran
(B)Jairam ramesh
(C)Dr. MS Swaminathan
(D)A P J Abdul Kalam
(E)None of them

26.Who is the Chess World Cup 2009 also known as FIDE World Cup winner?
(A)Boris Gelfand
(B)Ruslan Ponomariov
(C)Dmitry Jakovenko
(D)Peter Svidler
(E)Vugar Gashimov

27.Who among the following is the President, Film and Television Producers’ Guild of India?
(A)Yash Chopra
(B)Manmohan Shetty
(C)Subhash Ghai
(D)Randhir Kapoor
(E)Yash Johar

28.Professor C.N.R. Rao who recently become the first Indian scientist to win the prestigious August-Wilhelm-von-Hoffmann medal for his outstanding contributions in chemistry is at the following designation?
(A)Secretary, Ministry of Science & technology
(B)Advisor to the Prime Minister on Environment
(C)Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the prime minister
(D)Chairman of the National Pharmaceutical Association
(E)Chairman , AICTE

29.Which among the following airlines was among the sponsors of Copenhagen Climate Summit?
(A)American Airlines
(B)British Airlines
(C)Scandinavian Airlines
(D)Continental Airlines
(E)Delta Air Lines

30.Who among the following has been has been appointed the Chair of the Australia-India Council (AIC) in December 2009?
(A)John McCarthy
(B)Don Russell
(C)Andrew Peacock
(D)Michael Thawley
(E)None of them

31.India’s Spice mobiles has recently forayed into the International market. Which of the following country is Spice’s first international market?
(A)Sri Lanka

32.where will be organized First India International Triathlon meet in February 2010?

33.Delhi Declaration was the title of the communique declared at the end of 11th International Meeting of Communist & Workers Parties concluded in November 2009 at _____?
(B)New Delhi
(E)None of them

34.India and which of the following neighbors are close to finalize an MOU for Golden Jubilee Railway Line?

35.Which among the following was recognized as ”India’s best low-fare airline” in the prestigious ‘Hindustan Times’ survey in December 2009?
(A) Indigo
(B)Jet Lite
(C)Kingfisher Red

36.Which of the following country is helping India to develop Green Cities?
(D)South Korea

37.Paul Samuelson who died on December 13, 2009 was awarded Nobel prize in 1970. He was a renowned_______?
(C)Political Leader

38.In which of the following field Vasudha Awards are given ?
(A)Environment Protection
(B)Feature Films
(C)Short Films / documentary

39.What has been fixed the minimum wage to be paid to a person by states under NREGA as per National Rural Employment Guarantee (Amendment) Act 2009?
(A)Rs. 80
(B)Rs. 100
(C)Rs. 120
(D)Rs. 130
(E)Rs. 110

40.Which among the following organism recently became the first invertebrates recorded to use tools?
(B)sea butterfly,
(D)Veined Octopus
(E)None of them

41.Who among the following was the president of the U.N. climate talks held in Copenhagen recently ?
(A)Ed Milliband
(B)Lars Løkke Rasmussen
(C)Connie Hedegaard
(D)Anders Fogh Rasmussen
(E)None of them

42.In December 2009, which of the following country banned all foreigners from entering the country until early February 2010?
(D)North Korea

43.What is the minimum turnover qualification for a Maharatna Company?
(A)$ 250 Billion
(B)Rs. 250 Billion
(C)Rs. 2500 Billion
(D)Rs. 500 Billion
(E)Rs. 2000 Billion

44.Which of the following company operates “MERO MOBILE”?
(A)Nepal Telecom, Nepal
(B)Spice Nepal,
(C)Telekom Brunei Berhad, Bhutan
(D)Grameen Telecom , Bangladesh
(E)SingTel , Bangladesh

45.Shane Bond who recently announced his retirement from cricket is a bowler from _ ___?
(B)New Zealand
(C)South Africa
(E)None of them

46.Which of the following country has recently decorated Ratan Tata by Grand Officer of The Order of Merit?

47.Anirban Lahiri plays which of the following sports?
(E)None of them

48. Which of the following award was conferred upon Sunil Mittal, CEO Bharti Telecom?
(A)CNN IBN Indian of the Year Award
(B)Lal Bahadur Shashti Award
(C)Firodia Award
(D)CEO of the year Award
(E) None of Them

49.Which of the following company got Helen keller Award 2009?
(E)None of them

50.Who among the following begged V Shantaram Award?
(A)Rani Mukherjee
(B)Prakash Raj
(C)Juhi Chawla
(D)Shahrukh Khan
(E)Both A & B



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