Quiz 285 : General Knowledge For All Exams : Basic Review

1.Which among the following is correct about Rajdhoot, Rajhans & Raj Kamal ?
(A)They are recently purchased fighter planes of India
(B)They are the names of the Battle Tanks recently India purchased from Russia
(C)They are three air crafts of India’s Air Force One
(D)They are Government planes meant for VVIP flights of Prime minister of India
(E)None of them

2.Which among the following team was first winner of “World Cup Hockey” ?

3.”Ever Onward” , which among the following games event has this motto?
(A)Afro Asian Games
(B)Asian Games
(C)Commonwealth Games
(D)South Asian Federation Games
(E)World Cup Hockey

4.For how many times India hosted Asian Games ?
(D)Four Time
(E)None of them

5.Who among the following is the current president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).?
(A)Lord Killanin
(B)Juan Antoniao Samaranch
(C)Jacques Rogge
(D)Raoul Mollet
(E)None of them

6.What is the approximate maximum weight of Golf Ball as per Rules of Golf?
(A)25 gms
(B)35 gms
(C)45 gms
(D)50 gms
(E)None of them

7.Among the Berna Bellack Cup, Electra Gold Cup, Jayalaxmi Cup, Pithapuram Cup & Hamlet cup which is odd man out?
(A)Hamlet Cup
(B)Electra Gold Cup,
(C)Berna Bellack Cup
(D)Pithapuram Cup
(E)Jayalaxmi Cup

8.To help its fighter pilots hone their skills ahead of more aircraft carriers joining the fleet, the Navy is setting up a shore-based training facility (SBTF) which is third such mock flight deck facility in the world, with only the US and Russia having the other two. Where is this SBTF established in India?

9.What is the name of India’s first BVRAAM?
(E)None of them

10.Ezat Cup is related to which of the following sports?
(C)Horse Racing
(E)Volley Ball

11.Where in India was first Export Promotion Industrial park was opened?

12.Which of the following religions “Tower of Silence ” is related to in India?
(E)None of them

13.Where in Rajasthan the ” Tower of Victory ” or

Vijay Stambh

is located?

14.Which among the following oceans is also called Herring Pond?
(A)China Sea
(B)Atlantic Ocean
(C)Arctic Ocean
(D)Indian Ocean
(E)Bay of Bengal

15.Which among the following is longest River bridge in India?
(A)Rabindra Setu
(B)Mahatma Gandhi Setu
(C)Anna Indira Gandhi Bridge
(D)Rajeev Setu
(E)None of them

16.Which among the following is not correct ?
(A)India’s highest airport is Leh Airport in Ladakh
(B)India’s Highest dam in Bhakhra Dam on Sutlej River
(C)Smallest Country in the world is Vatican City (By Area)
(D)Largest Archipelago in the world is Philippines
(E)Al are correct

17.II Duce belonged to which of the following countries?

18.Where is located Pancha Mahal ?
(C)Fatehpur Sikri
(E)None of them

19.In which of the following cities is located Indira Gandhi Arena?

20.What is the other name of Salt Lake Stadium ?
(A)Yuba Bharti Stadium
(B)Bharat Bharti Stadium
(C)Eden Gardens
(D)Kolkata Stadium
(E)Rabindra Nath stadium

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