Quiz 192: Indian History for Civil Services Examination


The meaning of Mohenjo dero is ‘mound of the dead’. The same meaning is expressed by which of the following names ?

[A] Harappa
[B] Lothal
[C] Amri
[D] Kalibangan

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Which of the following Charter acts abolished the monopoly of the East India Company to trade with China?

[A] Charter Act of 1793
[B] Charter Act of 1813
[C] Charter Act of 1833
[D] Charter Act of 1853

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Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms which formed the base of Government of India Act 1919, introduced which of the following in India ?

[A] Self governance
[B] Dyarchy
[C] Indian Administrative Services
[D] Indian police Services

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Which of the following authorities lays down a priority of inheritance which places the wife, followed by daughters immediately after sons?

[A] Brihaspati
[B] Yajnavalkya
[C] Narada
[D] None of the above

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Madurai was a capital of which of the following dynasties?

[A] Pandyas
[B] Pallavas
[C] Cholas
[D] Cheras

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Mir Bakshi was the officer in Akbar’s reign with which of the following responsibilities?

[A] Revenue Collection
[B] Payment of salaries
[C] Head of the military administration
[D] Head of Nobility

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The following Chalukya king performed an ashwamedha yajna?

[A] Pulkesin I
[B] Pulkesin II
[C] Pulkesin III
[D] Vikramaditya I

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Vasucharita is a work of which of the following ?

[A] Ram raja
[B] Krishndev rai
[C] Vitthalantha
[D] Kalidasa

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Who has written the biography of harshavardhana?

[A] Banbhatta
[B] Harsha Himself
[C] Kalhana
[D] Kalidasa

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The following were the immediate successors of imperial Mauryas?

[A] Pandyas
[B] Kushans
[C] Nandas
[D] Sungas

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