Quiz 191: Indian Polity & Constitution


What is the maximum permissible time gap between two sessions of parliament ?

[A] 3 months
[B] 6 months
[C] 9 months
[D] 12 months

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Who among the following is responsible for devising the best ways to utilize available resources of States?

[A] National Development Council
[B] State Legislature
[C] Zonal counclis
[D] Inter state council

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Who among the following supervises the Lok Sabha secretariat ?

[A] Minister of Home Affairs
[B] Minister of parliamentary affairs
[C] Lok Sabha Speaker
[D] Prime minister

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A judge of supreme court , who wishes to relinquish his job before expiry of his term will address his resignation to _____?

[A] President
[B] Chief Justice of India
[C] Union law minister
[D] Prime minister

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A judge of supreme court can be removed from his / her office by president on the basis of a resolution passed by which of the house by 2/3 majority

[A] Lok Sabha
[B] Rajya Sabha
[C] Both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
[D] None of the above

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Who among the following has power to remove a judge of High Court ?

[A] President on the basis of resolution by Parliament
[B] Governor on the basis of recommendation of state legislature
[C] Chief justice of India
[D] Chief minister

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The term Dyarchy was used in Govt. of India 1919. It was a first step towards which of the following ?

[A] Local Self Government
[B] Making the governor titular head
[C] More strength of Central government
[D] None of the above

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On which date Indian Independence Act 1947 came into effect ?

[A] June 4, 1947
[B] June 18, 1947
[C] July 18, 1947
[D] July 18, 1946

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Which among the following is a true character of Indian Constitution?

[A] federal in form and unitary in spirit
[B] unitary in form and federal in spirit
[C] federal in form & spirit
[D] Unitary in form & spirit

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Which among the following features of Indian Constitution is not borrowed from British Constitution?

[A] Parliamentary Form of Government
[B] Cabinet Form of Government
[C] Rule of law
[D] Concurrent List

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    I think the answer for question no 4. ie., Which among the following is a permanent house ? is state legislature because legislature council can be dissolved which had haapend in some states.

    Kindly correct if i am workng

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  • Gautam Chadha

    The answer to Question No. 4 is CORRECT. Please refer to the Article 172 of the INDIAN CONSTITUTION.

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    Council of state and the state legislative council cannot be dissolved is correct.

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