Sample Quiz 3 : BSNL JAO Examination Paper II

1.Given sales of a company : Rs. 50,000 . Variable Cost 60% and Fixed Costs Rs. 12000, what will be the Operation leverage?

2.Given Networth Rs. 25,00,000, Debt/Equity 3/1 Interest rate 12% and Operating profit Rs. 20,00,000. What will be the financial leverage?

3.A television manufacturer Indo Ltd. purchases 800 units of a certain component from Bharat Ltd. The annual usage of Indo Ltd. Is 800 units, order placing cost is Rs. 100 and cost of carrying done unit for a year is Rs. 4. What will be the Economic Order Quantity?
(A)100 Units
(B)150 Units
(C)200 Units
(D)250 Units
(E)300 Units

4.What will be the effect of increasing trend Burden efficiency ratio for a Bank ?
(A)It will show more burden bearing capacity
(B)it will show less burden bearing capacity
(C)It will show presence of more idle investments
(D)It will show presence of less idle investments
(E)None of them

Study the following table for answering Questions 5-10

Record Information
Current Liabilities 1.0
Current Assets 2.5
Liquid Ratio 1.5
Stock Turnover Ratio (Based Upon CGS) 6
Fixed assets Turnover 2
Gross Profit as percentage of Sales 20%
Debtors Collection period 2 months
Working Capital Rs. 3,00,000
Shareholders Capital Rs. 5,00,000
Reserve & Surplus Rs. 250,000

5.What will be the current assets of the company ?
(A)Rs. 6,00,000
(B)Rs. 4,50,000
(C)Rs. 6,50,000
(D)Rs. 5,00,000
(E)None of them,

6.Out of the Current assets , what will be the amount of Stock ?
(A)Rs. 3,00,000
(B)Rs. 2,00,000
(C)Rs. 1,50,000
(D)Rs. 3,20,000
(E)None of them

7.Calculate the cost of Goods Sold in the above table:
(A)Rs. 10,00,000
(B)Rs. 12,00,000
(C)Rs. 8,00,000
(D)Rs. 9,00,000
(E)Rs. 12,00,000

8.What will be the fixed assets of the company ?
(A)Rs. 7,00,000
(B)Rs. 7,50,000
(C)Rs. 6,00,000
(E)None of them

9.Calculate the Cash in Hand :
(A)Rs. 1,00,000
(B)Rs. 70,000
(C)Rs, 50,000
(D)Rs. 40,000
(E)None of them

10.What will be the total of either side of the balance sheet prepared by the above Information?
(A)Rs. 12,00,000
(B)Rs. 15,00,000
(C)Rs. 12,50,000
(D)Rs. 13,50,000
(E)Rs. 10,00,000

11.Which among the following is the element of Cumulative Convertible Preference Shares?
(A)No Risk
(B)No Return
(C)No Cost
(D)The rate of dividend will be 10%
(E)The rate of dividend will be 20%

12.The dividend on equity shares is paid after the dividend on which of the following has been distributed?
(A)Equity shares
(B)Preference shares
(E)Bonus shares

13.Proposed dividend is a _________?
(A)Current asset
(B)Current liability
(C)Fixed Assets
(D)Liquid Asset
(E)Long term liability

14.In which of the following way a company should arrange its capital structure :
(A)Maximum flexibility in the capital and maximum cost of capital
(B)Minimum flexibility in the capital and minimum cost of capital
(C)Minimum flexibility in the capital and maximum cost of capital
(D)Maximum flexibility in the capital and minimum cost of capital
(E)None of them

15.A newly established company can not obtain finance by which of the following?
(A)Issue of Equity Capital
(B)Issue of Preference shares
(C)Issue of debentures
(D)None of them
(E)All of them

16.Shareholders Funds + Long funds are denoted as ____?
(A)Capital Employed
(B)Debt Equity
(C)Capital Structure
(E)Shareholders value

17.In which year General Insurance industry was nationalized in India ?

18.What was the name of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation when it was established in 1957?
(A)Export Credit Guarantee Ltd
(B)Export Risk Guarantee Corporation
(C)Export Risk Insurance Corporation
(D)Export Credit Corporation
(E)None of them

19.Which among the following is the first Exchange in the country to open Investor Grievance Cells (IGCs) at four Metros – Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai?
(A)National Stock Exchange
(B)Bombay Stock Exchange
(C)Delhi Stock Exchange
(D)Kolkata Stock Exchange
(E)Over The Counter Exchange of India

20.In which year Currency derivatives were introduced in India?

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