Quiz 307: Current Affairs : Finance Business & Economy for Bank PO Examinations

1.From January 1, 2009, India’s Kochi-based Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has started the validation process for catch certificates through its offices in the country. Export of marine products to which of the following regions requires catch certificates?
(A)Asean Countries
(B)African Countries
(C)Latin American Countries
(D)European Union Countries
(E)North American Countries

2.In context with banking and Investment market, what is the correct full form of ODI?
(A)Overseas Derivative Investors
(B)Overseas Derivative Investments
(C)Overseas Direct Investments
(D)Offshore Derivative Instruments
(E)Offshore Debt Instruments

3.What is India’s rank in Germanwatch’s Global Climate Risk Index 2010?

4.A charge levied by a Life Insurance Company for the life insurance protection upon death and to cover certain other expenses is termed as _____ ?
(B)Mortality Charges
(C)Insurance Expenses
(D)Death Expenses
(E)Surrender Charges

5.As we know that Monsoons in year 2009 was below normal in our country. Approximately, how many districts in the country as a whole were declared as drought affected.?

6.National Water Commission is among the eight missions part of National Action Plan on Climate Change. Who among the following are the principal stakeholders in the agricultural water management initiatives in our country?
(A)State Governments
(B)General Public
(D)Agricultural Institutes
(E)All of above

7.What will be the number of digit in the UID number which will be released by the end of this year or start of the next year?

8.Which of the following company setting up the controversial cement project in Mahuva in Bhavnagar District of Gujarat which was in controversy during the later half of 2009?
(A)Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.
(B)ACC Limited
(C)Grasim Ltd.
(E)JK Group

9.Till January 2010, approximately how many projects have been approved by National CDM Authority in India as a part of the clean development mechanism?

10.Which of the following states in India has got approval from the world bank for loans worth $ 405 million to promote environment-friendly urban transport projects like new bus systems and non-motorized transport development such as cycle track investments?
(B)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu
(E)Madhya Pradesh

11.Recently we read in the newspapers that Tendulkar Committee report has revealed that in 2004-05, India’s poverty which was measured 27% at that time is actually increased more than 10% and actual poverty was 37% . Which among the following was the reason behind these two conflicting measures of poverty in India?
(A)There was a discrepancy in the data’s collected at that time
(B)The new poverty line measures poverty on a wider access to commodity and services like health and education and not calories
(C)The calories definition of poverty has been changed by the world Bank
(D)The government at that time misleaded the public on by showing the wrong figures
(E)All of above

12.Which of the following was set up on the basis of recommendation of Shri K. Santhanam committee?
(A)Central Vigilance Commission
(B)National Commission for Minorities
(C)States Reorganization Commission
(D)National Knowledge Commission
(E)National Human Rights Commission of India

13.Which of the following American company was recently in news for offering bid to buy Cadbury?
(A)Krinos Foods
(B)Kellogg Company
(C)Kraft Foods
(D)American Food Company Inc.

14.Troubled Asset Relief Programme (TARP), an initiative of US government which mainly pumped in billions of dollars into battered companies. Bank of America and CitiBanks were the main beneficiaries of this scheme. How much money was pumped in Vikram Pandit led Citibank ?
(A)S 25 Billion
(B)$ 30 Billion
(C)$ 40 Billion
(D)$ 45 Billion
(E)$ 50 Billion

15.Recently we read in the newspapers that Indian Government is mulling over easing the incidence of minimum alternate tax (MAT) on infrastructure companies by exempting these companies for some initial years. Which among the following is the most prominent reason for consideration for this
by the government?
(A)These companies are involved in the projects that are needed for the development of the country
(B)These companies are involved in high value investments
(C)The gestation period of projects taken up by these companies is very long
(D)Most of these companies are under deterioted financial condition due to the ongoing financial crisis
(E)None of them

16.Know Your Customer norms are a must for the Banks even for opening small value or no frills account. Recently we read in the newspapers that once the following (choose from options) happens banks may not need to engage in Know Your Customer processes?
(A)When sizable chunk of population gets mobile connections
(B)When sizable chunk of population comes under financial inclusion
(C)When sizable chunk of population gets Unique Identification Number
(D)When sizable chunk of population gets literate
(E)When sizable chunk of population opens bank accounts

17.Recently an Indian Company , Eko Vehicles has launched the world’s first hybrid bikes and scooters. Where is this company located?

18.Where is located India’s first mega food park ?

19.Recently Forest Research Institute has successfully developed “Edible bamboo” a species of bamboo which can be consumed by humans in form of jams, soup and pickles. Where is located this Forest Research Institute?

20.In which of the following North east states Kopoli hydro project is located?
(A)Arunachal Pradesh

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    Please note that Forest Research Laboratory was established at Kanpur in 1970. Subsequently this laboratory was upgraded into the State Forest research institute, in 1993. You can visit the UP Forest Department Website to confirm this

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