Quiz 214 : Basic General Knowledge

1.During whose reign, the Maurya Empire stretched from Bengal and Assam in the East, to Afghanistan and Balochistan in the West, to Kashmir and Nepal in the North and to the Deccan Plateau in the South?
(A)Chandragupta Maurya
(C)Asoka The Great

2.Bihu is a popular folk dance of?

3.Pyramid shaped temples which are dependent on intricate carved stone in order to create a step design consisting of numerous statues of deities, warriors, kings, and dancers?
(C)Mixed style
(D)All of the Above
(E)None of the above

4.Which among the following is correct about Virgin Islands?
(A)An independent country
(B)A island city of England
(C)A British Overseas Territory
(D)A popular tourist island in pacific Sea
(E)None of them

5.Which language Jatakas tales were orginally written?

6.Which is the tallest man made structure ever built?
(A)Kutab Minar
(B)Burj Khalifa
(C)Warsaw radio tower
(D)KDEB Tower
(E)Joint Venture TV Tower Bithlo.

7.Which team has played every tournament of world cup Football and have won a record five times.

8.Who founded the Heritage Foods India Ltd?
(A) K V Ramana
(B)Dr. V Kurien
(C)Nara Chandrababu Naidu,
(D)Shri H M Dalaya.
(E)All together founded it.

9.Which article in the Constitution of India states that all courts in India which includes High courts are bound by the judgments and orders of the Supreme Court of India by precedence.
(A)Article 140
(B)Article 141
(C)Article 142
(D)Article 143

10.What is the function of Chief Justice of India.
(A)Allocation of matters to various other Judges of the Supreme Court.
(B)Maintenance of roaster
(C)Appointment of court officials
(D)General and other miscellaneous matters relating to supervision
(E)All of the above

11.Who became the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ?
(A)H. J. Kania
(B)M. P. Sastri
(C)B. K. Mukherjea
(D)Sudhi Ranjan Das
(E)Mehr Chand Mahajan

12.In which nation Deepawali is known as Tihar?
(E)None of the above

13.MIT professor credited with inventing the World Wide Web, making the first proposal for it in March 1989?
(A)Sir Timothy John
(B)Robert Cailliau
(C)Robert Fulton
(D)Bessie Rischbieth
(E)None of the above

14.Which city is known as “Venice of Japan”?

15.An area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean?
(B)Mid-Atlanic Range
(C)Ring of fire
(D)Kamchatka Peninsula
(E)None of the above

16.Solid form of carbon dio oxide is called as
(B)Zinc oxide
(C)Dry ice
(D)All of the above
(E)None of the above

17.Which company was established by Cecil Rhodes through the amalgamation of the Central Search Association and the Exploring Company Ltd., receiving a royal charter in 1889.
(A)Hudson’s Bay Company
(B)Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
(C)British South Africa Company (BSAC)
(D)East India Company
(E)None of the above

18.Who is the CEO of Oracle Corporation, a major enterprise software company?
(A)Larry Ellison
(B)David Gordon
(C)Charlie Jackson
(D)Lawrence Joseph
(E)Hannon Hill

19.In which year first Nobel Prize was awarded?

20.Who among the following s the youngest ever recipient of the Literature Nobel Prize and the first English-language writer to receive the Prize?
(A)Ronald Ross
(B)Rudyard Kipling
(C)Rabindranath Tagore
(D)Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman
(E)Muhammad Yunus

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    In Ques 13::I searched in google, I found that World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau in 1990.

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    Rudyard Kipling, an author of novels and poetry
    Born in India…

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    Hi sir,
    My appreciation for a gr8 effort and work. It is a great pleasure for me to do the quizzes daily.
    A small correction in this quiz..

    CEO of Oracle Corp. is Larry Ellison (I work for Oracle)
    The founder associated with developing i-net is Tim Berners lee

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    Lawrence Joseph is Larry Ellison . You should know this since you work in Oracle :)

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    World Wide Web was invented by “Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee” that is "Sir Timothy John" or "Tim Berners lee" in 1990.
    CEO of Oracle Corporation is Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Ellison.

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