Quiz 178: GK for Civil Services Examinations


Which is the only state in India producing muga silk ?

[A] Assam
[B] Bihar
[C] Orissa
[D] West Bengal

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Which among the lines is a boundary between France & Germany ?

[A] Siegfried Line
[B] Senger Line
[C] KW-line
[D] 49th Parallel

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Kwashiorkor disease is caused by the deficiency of which of the following ?

[A] Vitamins
[B] Proteins
[C] Fats
[D] Minerals

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Which among the following virus is also called as “Hit & Hide” Virus?

[A] RSV Virus (respiratory syncytial virus )
[B] Dengue virus
[C] Influenza virus
[D] HIV virus

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There was a single super continent called “Gondwanaland” in the Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic Era.. India along with which of the following were included in this super continent?

[A] Africa, South America, Australia
[B] Africa, Australia
[C] Australia only
[D] Africa, only

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Which among the following plateaus in India lie between Aravali & Vindhya region?

[A] Chota Nagpur Plateau
[B] Malwa Plateau
[C] Deccan Plateau
[D] None of the above

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Kudremukh National Park is located in which of the following states ?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Tamil nadu
[D] Orissa

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What can be the maximum strength of Lok Sabha in India ?

[A] 545
[B] 550
[C] 552
[D] 555

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Which of the following brings Out The – Citizens Guide to Fight Corruption ?

[A] Transparency International
[B] Central Vigilance Commission
[C] Consumer Co-operative Societies
[D] Anti-corruption Bureau

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Which among the following is not included in Human Development index?

[A] Life expectancy
[B] Per Capita Income
[C] Education
[D] Social Inequality

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  • Anonymous

    Please clarify when strength increased to 552 in Lok Sabha In India.

  • manish

    i think lok sabha strength is 550(530 states+20 UT)including the two anglo indians nominated by president which was carried out by 84 amendment and is freezed upto 2026 ,based on 2001 census.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see an Article on " NATO " and recent developement .. Not seen any website explaining it in an article

  • Anonymous

    you must start a service through sms named "daily knowledge" in which the subscriber who give their mobile must be send daily five sms of knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    for streangth of lok sabha … plase go through the below description at indian gov site :

    The Lok Sabha is composed of representatives of people chosen by direct election on the basis of Universal Adult Suffrage. The Constitution provides that the maximum strength of the House be 552 members – 530 members to represent the States, 20 members to represent the Union Territories, and 2 members to be nominated by the President from the Anglo-Indian Community.

    link :http://india.gov.in/govt/parliament.php

  • Sunil Sharma

    550 excludes the anglo indian count i.e. 2 so maximum no of members in LS can be 552

  • uday bhakar


  • Sunder Tiwari

    Gk is very good knowledg
    so i read always gk