Marketing Awareness : Quiz 5

1.Which among the following does not come under social responsibility of a Bank?
(A)Public Development Programs
(B)Support Facility
(C)Opening no frills savings accounts

2.Which among the following is a non banking asset ?
(A)Cash Deposits
(C)Property seized by the bank

3.Robbery in a Bank comes under which of the following costs?
(A)Social Cost
(B)Legal Cost
(C)Implicit Cost

4.Which among the following is a stage of Product Life?
(A)Market segmentation,

5.Penetration comes under which of the following ?
(A)Product Strategy
(B)Price Strategy
(C)Place strategy

6.Which among the following is not essential of effective market segmentation?
(A)disposable income

7.Brand loyalty is directly related to which of the following in case of a bank ?
(C)product planning

8.Which among the following is a Bank product ?
(A)Bank Over draft

9.Which among the following is not a basis of market segmentation?

10.Which among the following is not an objective of market segmentation?
(A)dividing the market in homogenous subjects
(B)segmenting the market
(C)market restructuring

11.Which among the following does not come under demographic basis of market segmentation?

12.Equity , debt and hybrid can be types of which of the following ?
(A)Financial Market Players
(B)Financial Instruments
(C)Financial Regulators

13.A certificate issued by the company under its common seal acknowledging the debt to be repayable with interest is called ?

14.AIDAS theory under marketing involves which of the following ?

15.Which among the following is not a function of a sales organization?
(A)Analyzing the price and place strategy
(B)Selecting, training and controlling the sales force
(C)Deciding and allocating territory and setting targets


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