Mega Quiz September (First) 2009 : Based Upon Current Affairs of July & August 2009

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1.Recently we read in the newspapers that developing nations could potentially earn billions of dollars by setting aside and rehabilitating their forests under an upcoming scheme of United Nations. What is the name of this scheme?
(A)Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation REDD
(B)Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RGGI
(C)Carbon emission trading CET

2.Who among the following is Foreign Secretary of India?
(A)Shivshankar Menon
(B)Nirupama Rao
(C)Ronen Sen

3. Panakkad Shihab Thangal who recently died (August1, 2009) was a prominent leader of Kerala. He was associated with which of the following organizations?
(A)Indian Union Muslim League
(B)Muslim League
(C)Indian National League

4.A mention about the unrest in which area of Pakistan was recently in news and controversy over the Indo Pak joint statement issued at sharm el sheikh in Egypt during the recent NAM summit?

5.In which of the following cities India’s first victim of Swine Flu died?

6.How many medals India won in the recent Asian Martial Arts Games 2009 in Bangkok ?

7.’KONKAN’ is an annual exercise between the India and which of the following Navies?

8.Who among the following Indians has recently emerged as highest ranked Asian in the World Golf Rankings recently?
(A)Jeev Milkha Singh
(B)Gagan Jit Bhullar
(C)Jyoti Randhawa

9.What is India’s rank among the 24 jurisdictions surveyed as per the Global Intellectual Property Index (GIPI) report, 2009 published by Taylor Wessing LLP — a law firm based in Europe?

10.The Indian Trusts (Amendment) Bill, 2009 was introduced in Lok Sabha recently. It modifies the Indian Trust Act _______ to enable the Centre to notify securities in which trustees can make investment of money?

11.Where is proposed the 16th NAM summit in 2012?

12.Recently which of the following Indian sites has been placed in the latest tentative list of UNESCO’s National Heritage properties? (July 12, 2009 The Hindu)
(A)Desert National Park , Rajasthan
(B)Valley of Flowers, Uttrakhand
(C)Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Bharat pur Rajasthan

13.As per the recent data’s of RBI what was the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate during April-June 2009 ?
(A)5.8 %
(B)6.1 %
(C)6.4 %

14.Radio contact with the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, India’s maiden moon mission lost on August 29, 2009. When was this mission launched?
(A)October 22, 2008
(B)November 22, 2008
(C)October 11, 2008

15.Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma signed the much slated India-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Thailand on August 13, 2009.ASEAN is a major trade partner of India accounting for what fraction of her global trade?
(B)10 %
(C)15 %

16.Recently India’s cabinet has approved setting up of seven new Indian Institutes of Management. In which of the following states the new IIM will not open?

17.How much amount the Central Government has allotted for establishment of new IIMs?
(A)Rs 1,057 crore
(B)Rs 1957 crore
(C)Rs 957 crore

18.Which among the following are top 4 countries in the latest ICC Test rankings as of August 31, 2009?
(A)South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Australia
(B)Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India
(C)South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, India

19.Who is the No. 1 batsman as per the latest rankings by ICC? (As of August 31, 2009)
(A)Gautam Gambhir
(C)S Chanderpaul

20.Who among the following is the no. 1 bowler as per the latest ICC rankings ?
(A)D.W. Steyn
(B)M. Muralidaran
(C)M.G. Johnson

21.Who is world’s no. 1allrounder as per the latest ICC rankings?
(A)J.H. Kallis
(B)D.L. Vettori
(C)M.G. Johnson

22.What is India’s rank in latest ICC ranking in One day cricket?

23.The blue corner notice of Interpol means which of the following?
(A)To collect additional information about a person’s identity or activities in relation to a crime.
(B)To seek the arrest or provisional arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition.
(C)To help locate missing persons, often minors, or to help identify persons who are unable to identify themselves.

24.Who among the following has been chosen The Asian Winner of the fDi Personality of the Year awards for 2009 by fDi Magazine, a Financial Times group publication? (August 26, 2009)
(A)Rahul Gandhi
(B)Narendra Modi
(C)Man Mohan Singh

25.Eighteen-year-old Stefania Fernandez was crowned Miss Universe 2009 recently. She belongs to which of the following countries?
(B)Puerto Rico

26.Who is the New Jharkhand Governor?
(A)K Shankarnarayan
(B)Syed Sibtey Razi
(C)Gurbachan Jagat

27.To analyze its defeat in the 2009 polls BJP had commissioned a three-member team which presented its report in the recent Chintan Baithak of BJP in Shimla. Who was heading this team?
(A)Bangaru Laxman
(B)Bal Apte
(C)S. S. Ahluwalia

28.Who among the following is the most powerful woman of the world as per a recent list compiled by Forbes ?
(A)Angela Merkel
(B)Cristina Fernandez
(C)Christine Lagarde

29.Who among the following bagged the Best Actor and Actress awards respectively in the recently held Rajiv Gandhi Awards?
(A)Shahid Kapur and Katrina Kaif
(B)Shahid Kapur and Kareena kapoor
(C)Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra

30.How many medals India won at the Asian Youth Chess Championship recently held at New Delhi?

31.India has achieved a major breakthrough in medical research as seven yeas of research recently led to the commercial launch of genetically modified recombinant streptokinase, a medicine that dissolves heart-attack causing clots inside blood vessels. At which Institute this medicine was developed?
(A)Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh
(B)Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi
(C)Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

32.Which of the following Indian sports personality was recently appointed as Brand Ambassador for Media House ‘Deccan Chronicle’ and Leading Book Store, Odyssey?
(A)Sania Mirza
(B)Saina Nehwal
(C)Sunitha Rao

33.Recently Bar Association of India celebrated which anniversary ?

34.Which of the following banks has been adjudged the ‘best bank of 2009’ by the leading fortnight magazine Business India? (August 9, 2009)
(A)Punjab National Bank
(B)State Bank of India
(C)Bank of India

35.Recently India observed the ____anniversary of the Quit India Movement and paid tributes to the martyrs and freedom fighters who had taken part in the movement.?

36.India has attracted how much foreign direct investment in the month of June 2009?
(A)$2.58 Billion
(B)$2.28 Billion
(C)$2.39 Billion

37.Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry phones has been adjusted at the world’s fastest growing company by Fortune recently. This company belongs to which of the following countries?
(B)United States

38.Which three Indian-founded companies have featured in the Fortune’s 100 fastest growing companies?
(A)Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Crompton Greaves
(B)Infosys, Ebix, Syntel
(C)Infosys, Ranbaxy, Tata Steel

39.National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) being set up to handle the retail payment operations of the Reserve Bank of India plans to operate a National Card Payment Scheme. What is the name of this scheme?
(A)India Card
(B)India Pay
(C)India Retail

40.According to the ‘Prices and Earnings’ study, conducted by Swiss banking major UBS, workers in New Delhi and Mumbai earn an average net salary of $1.6 and $1.2 per hour, respectively.In which two cities in the world the workers get maximum salary ?
(A)Toronto & New York
(B)Zurich & Geneva
(C)Zurich and Munich

41.Finance Minister of India, while presenting the Union Budget for FY 2006, acknowledged the need and significance of building adequate infrastructure in the country . Which of the following was established in line with this?
(A)India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd
(C)India Infrastructure Fund

42.As per the findings of ‘The Future of Retirement – It’s time to prepare’ survey conducted by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance , approximately what fraction of India’s population has a formal pension cover?
(B)13 %
(C)19 %

43.Many a times we read in the newspapers about Exchange Trade Funds (ETF). Which of the following are involved in ETF?
(A)Index, Commodity and Bond
(B)Commodity & Bond
(C)Commodity only

44.The government of India has designated several Ombudsmen (sometimes called chief vigilance officer or CVO) for the redressal of grievances and complaints from individuals in the banking, insurance and other sectors being serviced by both private and public bodies and corporations. On recommendation of which committee the CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) was setup ?
(A)Santhanam Committee
(B)Shah Committee
(C)Tandon Committee

45.Sky bus technology is an indigenous railway project which met ill-fate in September 2004 in test runs on a specially built 1.6 km-long self stabilising track at Madgao junction before it met with an accident killing an engineer. The technology belongs to which of the following ? (There are plans to resell this technology)
(A)Konkan railway
(B)Nilgiri Mountain railway
(C)Harbour Line

46.Who among the following is heading a high level committee, constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on road projects to make the projects attractive for investors?
(A)K.C. Pant
(B)B K Chaturvedi
(C)Pranab Mukherjee

47.On which date Hindi Day is celebrated ?
(A)September 5,
(B)September 14,
(C)September 23

48.September 16 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer or Ozone Day to commemorate which of the following protocol that was signed on this day in 1987 ?
(A)Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer
(B)United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
(C)Montreal Protocol

49.On which of the following dates / days World Tourism Day is observed?
(A)Last Sunday of September
(B)September 27
(C)September 18

50.The money received from which of the following is parked in National Investment Fund (NIF)?
(C)Public Sector Dividends


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