Mega Quiz August 2009 (First) Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that scientists have discovered that Soay sheep of Scotland are on average 5 percent smaller than 25 years ago. Which among the following is the most probable reasons for this according to the scientists?
(C)Climate Change

2.Who has recently assumed charge as the new Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
(A)Raghu Menon
(B)Jawahar Sircar
(C)V. Thulasidas

3.Admiral Gorshkov which was recently in news has been renamed as _______?
(A)INS Vikramaditya
(B)INS Arihant
(C)INS Vikrant

4.India’s cabinet recently approved the proposal to sign a comprehensive economic partnership agreement CEPA comprising six pacts viz. trade in goods, trade facilitation and custom cooperation, trade in services and investment with which country ? (July 3)
(A)United States
(C)South Korea

5.The finance ministry of India recently said in its annual economic survey that India needs to end controls on prices of petrol and diesel to curb fuel demand. What is India’s India’s rank in Asia in the oil consumption?

6.In the economic survey presented ahead of Budget , what fraction of foreign equity share in Insurance Business was recommended?
(A)100 %
(B)51 %
(C)49 %

7.Which among the following was NOT a recommendation in the economic survey for the financial sector?
(A)Introduce/allow repo, derivatives in corporate debt
(B)Introduce exchange-traded derivatives such as interest rate swaps
(C)Reduce FDI limits for Banks

8.Recently Majuli, which is the world’s largest river island was affected by a flood. In which state is it located ?
(B)West Bengal

9.Recently India’s Foreign Minster S M Krishna inaugurated a new chancery building of the Indian embassy which country ?
(A)United States
(B)South Korea

10.Recently while presenting the budget government said economic growth slowed to 6.7 percent in 2008/09 from year-earlier 9.0 percent. This is the slowest growth in last ____ ?
(A)4 years
(B)6 years
(C)10 years

11.India’s exports make what fraction of India’s Economy ?
(A)8 %
(B)16 %
(C)24 %

12.Revenue deficit is seen 4.8 percent of GDP in the recently presented Union Budget. What is the Revenue Deficit amount in Rupees ?
(A)4.01 trillion rupees
(B)2.83 trillion rupees
(C)3.25 trillion rupees

13.Recently US president Barack Obama officially announced the launch of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate in L’Aquila Italy July 2009. What is the number of member countries of this forum?

14.The 17 economies of the world which make Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, constitute what fraction of Global Economy ?
(A)80 %
(B)85 %
(C)90 %

15.Gayatri devi who recently passed away was third Maharani of ______?
(C)Cooch Behar

16.Recently Govt has approved how much amount under a road connectivity plan and a special infrastructure scheme in Left-wing (Naxalites) extremism affected states in the Eleventh Five Year Plan?
(A)Rs 7,800 crore
(B)Rs 9,800 crore
(C)Rs 3,800 crore

17.Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act was enacted in which year ?

18.Swadhar Scheme was launched to address the specific vulnerability of which of the following groups?
(A)Landless Farmers and labors
(B)Unorganized Business People
(C)Women in difficult circumstances

19.Who among the following British swimmers has set a world record to claim gold in the women’s 100 meters backstroke final at the recent world championships ?
(A)Judy Grinham
(B)Sarah Hardcastle
(C)Gemma Spofforth

20.Somdev Devvarman plays which of the following sports?

21. INS Arihant which was recently launched is expected to formally join the Indian Navy by which year ?

22.Which among the following missiles can be launched from INS Arihant?

23.The Professional Forecasters Survey sponsored by RBI recently estimated how much average inflation in 2009-10?
(C)5.4 %

24.Recently Indian Ambassador to the US Meera Shankar said that FDI in America by Indian companies has increased in recent years. According to her what is the value added by Indian business in the US in the last four-five years (approximately) ?
(A)$ 100 billion.
(B)$ 150 billion
(C)$ 200 billion

25.India after launching INS Arihant has entered the elite club of nations which possess capabilities to develop nuclear submarine. Which are the other nations in this club?
(A)US, Russia, France, UK and China
(B)US, Russia, France, Canada and China
(C)US, Russia, France, Australia and Canada

26.Recently which province of Pakistan was in news when Pakistan accused India for the disturbances in that province?

27.Spitzer Space Telescope belongs to which of the following Space Agencies?
(B)Russian Federal Space Agency
(C)European Space Agency

28.Microsoft, chairman Bill Gates has shown interest to partner India in which of the following project?
(A)UIDAI (Unique Identification Database Authority of India)
(C)NPS (New Pension Scheme)

29.What is India’s Rank in global foreign direct investments ?

30.Which state is the largest producer of tobacco in India ?
(B)Andhra Pradesh

31.In the prebudget economic survey what was Agricultural Growth in 2008-09?

32.The pre budget survey highlighted the need to return to the targets set by the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act at the earliest. This act mandated the government to cut fiscal deficit by what fraction annually ?
(A)by 0.3 per cent every year to make it 3 per cent of GDP
(B)by 0.2 per cent every year to make it 2.5 per cent of GDP
(C)by 0.4 per cent every year to make it 4 per cent of GDP

33.Indian Rupee reflected a depreciation of ________ percent during the year 2008-09? (please refer pre budget economic survey)

34.What are the CENVAT excise duty and service tax rates ?
(A)8% & 10 % respectively
(B)9% & 11 % respectively
(C)9% & 10 % respectively

35.Recently we read in the newspapers that India’s economy has changed a lot over last 10 years as contribution of the service sector to GDP has increased manifold. What is the approximate contribution of service sector to India’s GDP?
(A)above 40%
(B)above 50%
(C)above 60%

36.What was Center’s Tax GDP ratio in 2008-09?
(B)10.6 %
(C)11.5 %

37.In India the scope of Presumptive taxation extends to all businesses which have a turnover up to _______?
(A)40 lakh
(B)50 Lakh
(C)45 Lakh

38.Which country will hold 2010 Hockey World Cup ?

39.Hydrocarbon Vision 2025 is related to which of the following ?
(A)Pollution Control
(B)Demand and consumption of Petroleum Products
(C)Climate change

40.Corazon Aquino, who recently died was a president and prominent figure in the 1986 “people war” of which of the following country ?

41.Theravada Buddhism is the national religion of which of the following countries?

42.Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an arrangement under which of the following international environment protocols?
(A)Kyoto Protocol
(B)United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
(C)Bonn Convention

43.On 12th August every year , International Youth Day is celebrated. It was designated by which of the following international agency?
(A)United Nations
(B)Council of Europe
(C)Young Men’s Christian Association

44.What is the theme of 2009 International Youth Day ?
(A)Sustainability: Our challenge. Our future.
(B)Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action
(C)Youth in an Intergenerational Society

45. United Nations Namibia Day is celebrated in Namibia every year on what date?
(A)August 16
(B)August 26
(C)August 29

46.Seven-time world Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher who was recently in news, belongs to which of the following countries?

47.Who among the following has won 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix?
(A)Brian Gubby
(B)Lewis Hamilton
(C)Stephen South

48.To go into direct competition with Google Docs, Microsoft has announced which of the following Softwares?
(A)Office 2010
(B)Open Office
(C)Office Next

49.Recently we read in the newspapers about the Outreach Five (O5) nations. Which of the following is a correct group of Outreach Five (O5)?
(A)Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa.
(B)Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Russia
(C)Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Taiwan

50.The Prebudget Economic Survey had recommended an annual disinvestment target of which of the following amount?
(A)Rs 25,000 crore.
(B)Rs 40,000 crore.
(C)Rs 50,000 crore.


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