GK & Current Affairs : May 9, 10, 2015

1. The National Florence Nightingale Awards are given for excellence in which profession?
Answer: Nursing
The National Florence Nightingale Awards are given for nursing professionals. The award was instituted by Health ministry in 1973 as a mark of recognition for the meritorious services of nurses. The award carries Rs 50000 cash, a certificate, a citation certificate and a medal. Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, was born on May 12, 1820 and hence this day is celebrated as International Nurses Day all over the world.
2. Currently, which among the following countries is the top crude oil buyer of the world?
[D]South Africa
Answer: China
China overtook the United States as the world’s top importer of crude oil for the first time. China’s crude oil imports hit a record of almost 7.4 million barrels a day (bpd) by the end of April month, putting it ahead of the US estimated imports of 7.2 million bpd for April.
3. Which party emerged as winner in the recent UK election?
[A]Conservative Party
[B]Labour Party
[C]Scottish National Party
[D]Liberal Democrats
Answer: Conservative Party
David Cameron lead Conservatives party has won the UK election. It has won 331 seats five more than needed for a Commons majority their first such victory since 1992. With all 650 seats declared, the Conservatives have ended up with 331 seats in the House of Commons, 24 more than in 2010. Labour have 232, the Lib Dems 8, the SNP 56, Plaid Cymru 3, UKIP 1, the Greens 1 and others 19. The Conservatives get a 36.9% share of the UK national vote, Labour 30.4%, UKIP 12.6%, the Lib Dems 7.9%, the SNP 4.7%, the Green Party 3.8% and Plaid Cymru 0.6%.
4. Which of the following has emerged as the only Indian company among the world’s 10 biggest consumer financial arms?
Answer: HDFC
Mortgage lender HDFC is the only India Company among the world’s 10 biggest consumer financial arms compiled by Forbes magazine. HDFC is ranked 7th on the list. The list is topped by America Express followed by Capital One Financial, Visa, Discover Financial Services and Orix in the top-five. The list is the part of Forbes annual compilation of 2,000 biggest and most powerful companies globally, which includes a total of 56 companies from India across various sectors.
5. Which among the following is a correct meaning of medical condition called “Dextrocardia”?
[A]Abnormal working of heart
[B]Heart located in the right side
[C]Unusual enlargement of heart
[D]Accumulation of water in heart
Answer: Heart located in the right side
Dextrocardia is a condition in which the heart is pointed toward the right side of the chest. Normally, the heart points to the left. The condition is present at birth (congenital). The abdominal and chest organs in babies with dextrocardia may be abnormal and may not work correctly. A very serious syndrome that appears with dextrocardia is called heterotaxy. In this condition, many of the organs are not in their usual places and may not work properly. For example, the spleen may be completely missing. The spleen is an important part of the immune system, so babies born without this organ are in danger of severe bacterial infections and death. In another form of heterotaxy, several small spleens exist, but they may not work correctly.
6. Which country has recently launched a Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) called “Bukgeungsong”?
[A]North Korea
[B]South Korea
Answer: North Korea
Bukgeungsong, meaning “North Star,” is the name of North Korea’s first Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) test fired recently.
7. The winner of the Spanish Grand Prix-2015 is__:
[A]Kimi Raikkonen.
[B]Lewish Hamilton
[C]Nico Roseberg
[D]Valtteri Bottas
Answer: Nico Roseberg
Nico Roseberg has won the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix. He beat Lewis Hamilton to clinch the title. It was his first win since Brazilian Grand Prix and the ninth of his career. Four time champion Sebastian Vettel of Germany came third ahead of Finns Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen.
8. Who has been appointed as first president of the BRICS Bank (New Development Bank)?
[A]Chanda Kochhar
[B]K V Kamath
[C]S K Bhat
[D]Arun Bhattacharya
Answer: K V Kamath
ICICI chairman K V Kamath has been appointed as first president of BRICS bank. The bank is a multilateral funding agency with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as its founding members. The bank has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. Kamath who joined ICICI in 1971, took over as the non-executive chairman in April 2009.
9. NASA is developing Robotic eel to explore the icy water on which of the following moons?
Answer: Europa
NASA is developing a ‘robotic eel’ that could explore the icy water of Jupiter’s moon Europa. This rover would resemble an eel with a short antenna on its back that harvests power from locally changing magnetic fields. The goal is to enable amphibious exploration of gas-giant moons like Europa. Reference
10. The ongoing conflict between Rezeigat and Ma’alia tribal people is related to which country?
Answer: Sudan
The Rezeigat and the Ma’alia are pastoralist tribes based in Dastur region of Sudan. The conflict between the Rezeigat and the Ma’alia tribes in East Darfur state is considered one of the longest and most deadly in the region. The conflict dates back to 1966 owning to land disputes. The conflict has later turned more violent after oil was found in the disputed areas. More than 600 people dead and about 900 injured on both sides, while more than 55,000 others were displaced due to the fighting.

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