GK & Current Affairs : May 15, 16, 2015

1. The controversial Omkareshwar dam is on which river?
Answer: Narmada
The Omkareshwar Dam is gravity dam on the Narmada River Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh. The project has come up for hydel power production and enhancing irrigation facility in the Khandwa region, Madhya Pradesh. The dam has been in news due to Jal Satyagraha by farmers to protest against the increase in the water level of Omkareshwar dam from 189 metres to 191 metres by the state government.
2. Recently, RBI has enabled banks to perform transaction in contactless cards for value up to Rs ____?
Answer: 2000
Reserve Bank of India has allowed banks to enable transactions in contactless cards (Tap and Pay) for value up to Rs 2000 without requiring a separate PIN authentication. The tap and pay refers to the use of near field communication technology in payment cards where instead of the traditional swiping of the card and punching in payment details, all the customer’s needs to do is wave a card in front of acceptance device for the bill to be settled.
3. Which is the most nitrogenous fertilizer used in India?
Answer: Urea
Urea is the most common nitrogenous fertilizer being used in the country. In India excessive use of urea is mainly noticed in states having strong irrigation network like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Http://m.timesofindia.com/india/New-urea-policy-could-lead-to-its-excessive-use-impact-human-health/articleshow/47291207.cms
4. Which Indian company has featured among the top 100 brands in the US?
Answer: TCS
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been ranked as the 57th leading brand in the US by Brand Finance in its second annual top 500 US brand survey. This is the first time that TCS has featured among the top 100 brands in the survey. The survey evaluated the financial value of a company’s brand name, intellectual assets and trademark, as compared to companies across the industries. Http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/TCS-ranks-57th-in-US-brands-survey/articleshow/47285695.cms
5. Which sector has maximum child labourers in India?
[B]Garment industries
[D]Carpet weaving
Answer: Agriculture
Currently, close to 70 per cent child labourers in the country are in the farm sector. According to a 2013 report called Finding on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, agriculture roughly employees 69.5 per cent of child labour (5-14 age) in India. Link
6. Monosodium glutamate, is added to packaged food to enhance which of the following?
[D]Shelf life
Answer: Flavour
Monosodium glutamate is a kind of amino acid. It occurs naturally in many agricultural products. Monosodium glutamate is added artificially to packaged food to enhance flavour.
7. Based on which committee recommendations, the Supreme Court has banned politicians photos on government advertisements?
[A]N S Madhava Menon Committee
[B]M B Shah Committee
[C]Mukesh Maudgil Committee
[D]Chaturvedi Committee
Answer: N S Madhava Menon Committee
In a historic judgment the Supreme Court restrained ruling parties from publishing photographs of political leaders or prominent persons in government-funded advertisements. The apex court said such photos divert attention from the policy of the government, unnecessarily associate an individual with a government project and pave the way for cultivating a “personality cult”. However, the court held that the photos of only three constitutional authorities – Prime Minister, President and Chief Justice of India – can be used in such ads. The judgment came on the basis of a series of recommendations given by its own committee led by noted legal academician N.S. Madhava Menon on introducing checks on government-funded ads. The committee was formed in April 2014 on a PIL filed by NGO Common Cause had argued that ruling party leaders and ministers were taking undue advantage at public expenses. The Menon panel had recommended a complete ban on publishing of photos in the ads. It had further said that no ads should be allowed on election eve.
8. Tholkappiar Award is given to an Indian scholar for outstanding contribution in the field of which language?
Answer: Tamil
Tholkappiar Award is given to an Indian scholar for outstanding contribution in the field of Tamil studies. The award is given by President of India. S V Shanmugam, a legend in the field of linguistics, received Tolkappiyar Award for the year 2011-12, eminent Tamil scholar R Krishnamurthi got the Tolkappiyar Award for the year 2012-13.
9. Upgrading Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTAD) scheme was launched to welfare of ____?
[D]North East people
Answer: Minorities
Upgrading Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTTAD) is an NDA government ambitious scheme for minorities. Launched recently, the scheme, in partnership with e-commerce ShopClues, aims at upgrading skills and preserving traditional ancestral arts and crafts of minorities. Under the scheme, craftsman would be mentored to run their businesses successfully and reach a wider audience through online retail.
10. Who became the first Indian to receive the Star of Jerusalem, highest civilian honour of Palestine?
[A]Adan Abu Alhaijaa
[B]Mohd Mahmood Ali
[C]Syed Vicaruddin
[D]Mir Akbar Ali Khan
Answer: Syed Vicaruddin
Syed Vicaruddin, chairman of Indo-Arab League was honoured with Star of Jerusalem, highest civilian honour of Palestine. Syed has become the first Indian to receive this award. Syed received the award for his continued, principle support for the realisation Palestinian statehood, sovereignty and self determination.

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