GK & Current Affairs: July 19, 20, 2014

1. Which of the following celebrities was recently appointed as “Brand Ambassador” of Telangana?
[A]Katrina Kaif
[B]Sania Mirza
[C]Saina Nehwal
[D]VVS Laxman

Sania Mirza India born Tennis star Sania Mirza has been appointed as Brand Ambassador of Telangana.

2. Recently inaugurated Khurkot Bridge will provide the shortest land route between __ ?
[A]India and Bangladesh
[B]India and China
[C]China and Bangladesh
[D]Bangladesh and Bhutan

India and China
Nepal inaugurated the 100 meter long Khurkot Bridge, built at a cost of USD 1.8 million, that will provide the shortest land route between India and China. The bridge built across Sunkoshi River will also substantially enhance connectivity between hilly regions of Nepal.

3. The Reserve Bank of India is planning to launch a new category of banks called D-SIB. What does D-SIB stands for ___?
[A]Domestic Systematically Important Banks
[B]Domestic Systematically Improvised Banks
[C]Domestic Synchronised Important Banks
[D]Domestic Synchronised Improvised Banks

Domestic Systematically Important Banks

4. “Joko Widodo” has been elected as President of ______?

Joko Widodo, the governor of Jakarta whose common touch has made him a political phenomenon, was declared the winner of Indonesia’s presidential election. The General Elections Commission announced that Mr.Joko with 53 per cent of the vote, had beaten Mr.Prabowo, with 47 per cent.

5. India has been ranked 135th rank among 187 countries in the recently released Human Development Report-2014. Which among the following countries has been ranked number one?

The Human Development Report 2014 covers 187 countries across the world and is published annually by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In the current report, the five countries ranked in terms of the HDI are Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Netherland and the US.

6. Which among the following is the motto of Commonwealth Games 2014?
[A]Come and Play
[B]People, Place, Passion
[C]Sporty, Spirit and Game
[D]One World, One Aim

People, Place, Passion
People, Place, Passion is the motto of Commonwealth Games 2014.

7. Recently, which among the following has become the India’s first company to cross market capitalization value of Rs. 5 lakh crore?

Tata Consultancy Services crossed the Rs 5 lakh crore marks in market capitalization, becoming the second most valuable IT services company in the world ahead of Ireland’s Accenture but behind US’s IBM. TCS’s record market cap, the first Indian company to achieve the feat, is bigger than the combined market cap of the other four domestic IT players in the packing order like Infosys, Wipro, HCL technologies and Tech Mahindra.

8. The FIBA Asian cup is associated with which among the following sports?
[A]Table Tennis

The FIBA Asia cup is a basketball tournament which takes place every two years between teams of the continent.

9. Dr Jim Yong Kim, who concluded his three-day visit to India, recently is the current President of ___?
[A]World Trade Organisation
[B]European Commission
[C]World Bank
[D]Asian Development Bank

World Bank

10. The Japanese encephalitis a virus born disease, which claimed many deaths in India recently, affects which part of the human body?

Japanese encephalitis is caused by a mosquito-borne virus. Eastern India is the most-affected region by this killer disease particularly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam. Since the virus attacks the brain of the child, the chances of the child becoming mentally retarded are high.

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