GK & Current Affairs: April 20-21, 2014

1. Recently, Supreme Court has set up a four member committee under the chairmanship of N R Madhava Menon for framing guidelines to prevent____?
[A]Ponzi schemes
[B]Misuse of funds on government advertisement
[C]Illegal mining activities
[D]Misappropriation of powers by politicians

Misuse of funds on government advertisement
The Supreme Court set up a committee for framing guidelines to prevent misuse of public funds by the government and its authorities in giving advertisements in newspaper and television to get political mileage. The four member committee comprising former director of National Judicial Academy , N R Madhava Menon, former Lok Sbha secretary T K Vishwanathan, senior advocate Ranjit Kumar and the secretary of information and broadcasting ministry.

2. The “SAVE” is an international organisation created to conserve which of the following endangered bird species?
[A]Great Indian Bustards
[B]Asia’s Vultures
[C]Bengal Florican
[D]Lesser Florican

Asia’s Vultures
SAVE stands for Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction. It’s a consortium of like-minded, regional and international organisations, created to oversee and co-ordinate conservation, campaigning and funding activities to help the plight of South Asia’s vultures.

3. The “Mont Blanc Tunnel” links which of the following two countries?
[A]France and Germany
[B]France and Italy
[C]Germany and Switzerland
[D]Switzerland and Germany

France and Italy
The Mont Blanc Tunnel is a major Alpine automotive tunnel connects France and Italy.

4. Which among the following is the NASA’s moon probe, which recently crashed into the lunar surface thus ending its operation?

NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft met its end during a vaporizing crash into the lunar surface. The $280 million LADEE mission launched to space in September 2013 to investigate the moon’s thing atmosphere and help scientist learn more about lunar dust.

5. The “Dhamra port” one of the major newly developed port located in which state?
[D]Andhra Pradesh

The Dhamra port is a major newly developed port in Odisha. It was formed as a result of a joint venture between Larsen and Turbo and TATA steel to run the port.

6. The country with highest per-capita milk availability in the world is ___?
[C]New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand (9,773 grams), Iceland (3,260 grams) and Denmark (2,411 grams) are top three countries in terms of per-capita milk availability.

7. Which among the following planets in our solar system is called the Upside Down planet?


8. Which among the following International Organisation is not based in Geneva?
[A]International Labour Organisation
[B]International Telecommunication Union
[C]World Trade Organisation
[D]World Bank

World Bank
World Bank. Located Washington; Motto-Working for a World Free of Poverty; Established-July 1944

9. Currently, which among the following political parties is not recognised as National Political Party?
[A]Communist Party of India
[B]Nationalist Congress Party
[C]Bahujan Samaj Party
[D]Rastriya Janta Dal

Rastriya Janta Dal
Recognized national parties are Bahujan Samaj Party, Bharatiya Janata Party, Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Indian National Congress and Nationalist Congress Party.

10. Who among the following has won the Chinese F1 Grand Prix -2014?
[A]Daniel Ricciardo
[B]Lewis Hamilton
[C]Sebastian Vettel
[D]Nico Hulkenberg

Lewis Hamilton

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