General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz: December 18, 2013

1. Recently, Mary T Barra was named the first woman chief executive of which auto major company?
[B]General Motors

General Motors
General Motors named Mary T Barra as its first woman CEO, to succeed Dan Akerson, who retires in January. Barra appoint is also the first in US industry.

2. What is the name of AK 47 assault rifle designer, who passed away recently?
[A]Paul Walker
[B]Mikhail Kalashnikov
[C]Mikhail Takahashi
[D]David Warner

Mikhail Kalashnikov
Mikhail Kalashnikov, maker of iconic AK-47 rifle, whose work as a weapon designer for the Soviet Union is immortalised in the name of the world’s most popular firearm passed away at the age of 94. The AK-47, “Avtomat Kalashnikov” and the year it went into production, is the world’s most popular firearm, favoured by guerrillas, terrorists and the soldiers of many armies. An estimated 100 million guns are spread worldwide.

3. Tirupur in Tamil Nadu is well known for export of which of the following items?
[B]Knitted Garments
[C]Leather Products
[D]Horticulture Products

Knitted Garments
Tirupur is the “knitwear capital” of India. It has spurred up the textile industry in India for the past three decades. It contributes to a huge amount of foreign exchange in India.

4. Vernon Philander, who has been declared as world’s no.1 bowler in ICC Test rankings, belongs to which country?
[B]New Zealand
[C]South Africa

South Africa
Vernon Philander is a South African cricketer. Vernon Philander replaced Dale Steyn at top of ICC test rankings.

5. Which of the following has become the first airport in the World to receive the prestigious “Sword of Honour” for safety management?
[A]Kempegowda International Airport
[B]Kochi International Airport
[C]Indira Gandhi International Airport
[D]Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), operated by GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, has been awarded the “Sword of Honour” for safety management. The award was in recognition of its effective implementation of occupational health and safety management systems from the British Safety Council for health and safety works at the airport. The Sword of Honour is considered to be the Oscar of the Safety World. RGIA is the first Indian airport to receive this honour in the world.

6. The Trilateral Tabletop Exercise (TTEX) 2013, is a maritime exercise between ____?
[A]India, Maldives and Bangladesh
[B]India, Sri Lanka and Maldives
[C]Sri Lanka, China and Pakistan
[D]Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan

India, Sri Lanka and Maldives
The TTEX-2013 is a trilateral maritime security exercise between Sri Lanka, India and Maldives. The TTEX-2013 is an outcome of the second NSA-level meeting on Trilateral Cooperation on Maritime Security between India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

7. Which court has become the first high court in the country to provide court case details and other key judicial information in public domain?
[A]Himachal Pradesh High court
[B]Bombay High court
[C]Madras High court
[D]Karnataka High court

Himachal Pradesh High court
With the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) in judicial courts, Himachal Pradesh High Court has become one of the first high courts in the country to provide court case details and other key judicial information in public domain.

8. The “Dodecanese” are a group of twelve large islands of which country?

The Dodecanese are a group of 12 larger plus 150 smaller Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, of which 26 are inhabitated.

9. Which among the following personalities birthday is observed as Kisan Diwas in India?
[A]Chaudary Charan Singh
[B]Norman Borlaug
[C]M S Swamynathan
[D]Atal Bihari Vajapeyi

Chaudary Charan Singh
India observes 23rd December, the birthday of Chaudry Charan Singh, as Kisan Diwas (Farmers Day) every year. Charan Singh was the fifth Prime Minister of India. He served country as Prime Minister from 28 July 1979 until 14 January 1980.

10. Michiaki Takahashi, who passed away, recently was well known for developing a vaccine for___?

Dr. Michiaki Takahashi, whose experience caring for his 3-year-old son after the boy contracted chickenpox led him to develop a vaccine for the virus that is now used all over the world, died in Osaka, Japan. Dr.Takahashi developed his vaccine by growing live but weakened versions of the virus in animal and human cells. The vaccine did not cause the disease, but it prompted immune systems to produce antibodies.

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