General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz: December 11, 12, 2013

1. Sandur in Karnataka is known for deposits of which of the following ores?
[A]Manganese and Iron
[B]Iron and Gold
[C]Manganese and Copper
[D]Manganese and Aluminium

Manganese and Iron
Sandur has deposits of Manganese and hematite (iron ore), and is home to several mines and steel plants.

2. In which of the following states world’s famous hornbill festival celebration held every year?

Hornbill festival is the premier festival of Nagaland held every year in the month of December. The festival is named after the hornbill, the globally respected bird and which is displayed in folklore in most of the state’s tribes.

3. Which among the following supersonic fighter jets has been phased out from the Indian Air Force, recently?

The MiG-21 FL fighter jet aircraft, which had heralded the “supersonic era” in IAF and had changed the course of the 1971 Indo-Pak war due to its accurate target ability, flew into the annals of history when two pairs of MiG-21 FLs roared off a runway at the Kalaikunda air base for the last time.

4. India has mandated visitors from which of the following countries to take oral polio vaccination before travelling here?

Pakistanis visiting India will now have to take oral polio vaccination before travelling here. In a new rule coming into effect from January, Indian government has asked all Pakistanis to show evidence of polio vaccination before being given a visa to India. It applies to Indians travelling to Pakistan or other countries where polio continues.

5. The “Lomonosov Ridge” is an unusual underwater ridge of continental crust in the ____?
[A]Indian Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean
[C]Arctic Ocean
[D]Atlantic Ocean

Arctic Ocean
The Lomonosov Ridge is an unusual underwater ridge of continental crust in the Arctic Ocean. It spans 1800 km from the New Siberian Islands over the central part of the ocean to Ellesmere Island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The Lomonosov Ridge was first discovered by the Soviet high-latitude expeditions in 1948 and is named after Mikhail Lomonosov.

6. “Devagi Prafulla Chandra”, who passed away recently, was a famous__?

Devagi Prafulla Chandra was a well-known agriculturist and technologist. He was popularly known as “Krishi Rushi” for his work in the areas of agriculture, energy conservation and rural development. He had bagged several coveted prizes and honours from number of institutions in the country and abroad like-Krushi Samrat, state awards, world food day medal from the United Nations, American farmer’s award and 8 gold medals from government of India for excellence in crop production.

7. The Russian’s Central Bank has recently adopted an official symbol for its national currency. The national currency of Russia is called__?

Russian’s Central Bank has adopted an official symbol for the national currency, the ruble, which has been approved in a public vote. The Cyrillic “P” with a horizontal stroke has won 61 percent of vote. The letter is pronounced as “R”.

8. Which among the following has become the first country to grant non-human personhood status to dolphin & whales to recognise their unique intelligence and self-awareness?
[C]Sri Lanka
[D]New Zealand

India declares Dolphins and Whales as non-human persons.

9. Who among the following has been named as “Time Magazine Person of the Year”?
[A]Edward Snowden
[B]Ted Cruz
[C]Bashar al-Assad
[D]Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Time Magazine named Pope Francis its person of the year.

10. The European Union (EU) has recently imposed a blanket ban on all airlines from which country to fly into the 28 nation bloc?

The EU imposed a ban on all airlines from Nepal from flying into the 28-nations bloc under the latest changes to a list of unsafe carriers.

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