GK & Current Affairs: July 26, 2013

1. Which of the following port has been conferred the “Major Port of the Year” award?
[A]Ennore Port
[B]Chennai Port
[C]Visakapatnam Port
[D]Paradip Port

Paradip Port
Paradip port has been conferred the Major Port of the Year award in recognition of its excellent performance in 2012-13. In 2012-13 Paradip port handled a total 56.66 million tones of traffic, up from 54.25 million tones in 2011-12.

2. Who among the following has been awarded with “German Whistleblower Award”-2013?
[A]Julian Assange
[B]Karen Kwiatkowski
[C]Edward Snowden
[D]Jeffrey Alexander Sterling

Edward Snowden
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who exposed the most extensive US global surveillance operations, was awarded this year’s German “Whistleblower Prize” worth USD 3,900 in absentia.

3. Which of following committee was set up with an objective of evolving a mechanism for Minimum Support Price to the collectors of Non-Timber forest products?
[A]T Haque committee
[B]Sudha committee
[C]Mahajan committee
[D]Verma committee

T Haque committee
The Ministry of Panchayat Raj has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Dr T. Haque to look into different aspects of Minor Forest Produce management in fifth schedule areas which has recommended for fixation of Minimum Support Price.

4. Recently, King Albert II has decided to abdicate his throne in favour of his son after ruling the country for 20 years, was ruling which of the following country?

Albert II abdicated as “King of the Belgian” in favour of his son Phillippe, who has become the seventh monarch of Belgium.

5. Who among the following is the current Chairperson of “National Green Tribunal” of India?
[A]Justice Jyothimani
[B]Justice Kingaonkar
[C]Justice Swatanter Kumar
[D]Justice U D Salvi

Justice Swatanter Kumar
Justice Swatanter Kumar is the present Chairperson of National Green Tribunal of India.

6. The Union Government has decided to make production of Photo identity card mandatory for purchase of which of the following commodity?
[A]Ammonium Nitrate

According Central government new guidelines to regulate the sale and purchase of acids, no one will be able to purchase acid without submitting a photo ID. Also, shopkeepers who sell acids will have to obtain a licence to do the same.

7. Who among the following is the author of the book “The Lowland”?
[A]Donal Ryan
[B]Jhumpa Lahiri
[C]Ruth Ozeki
[D]Eve Harris

Jhumpa Lahiri
Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri is the author of “The Lowland” which has been listed among 13 novels long listed for the Man Booker Prize 2013.

8. Which of the following has become the first automaker to participate in Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programme in India?
[A]Ford Motor
[B]Maruti Suzuki
[C]General Motors

Ford Motor
Ford Motor Company joined the voluntary India Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programme in India. Voluntary reporting enables a complete transparency in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

9. Which one of the following planet is also called Earth’s Twin?

Venus is sometimes called Earth’s twin because Venus and Earth are almost the same size, have about the same mass and have a very similar comparison.

10. 2014 marks the centenary of the World War-I. This war was mostly fought in which among the following continent?
[B]North America

World War I was fought 1914-18, mostly on the European continent, but also in Africa, the Middle East and Pacific Islands and China.

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