GK & Current Affairs: June 22, 2013

1. Which of the following film has bagged the Best Feature Film award at the third SAARC Film Festival in Colombo?
[A]Paan Singh Tomar
[D]Lunch Box

Paan Singh Tomar
India fetched three top awards including the Best Feature film, the Best Director and Special Jury certificate of Recognition at the third SAARC film Festival. Indian film “Paan Singh Thomar” won the best feature film award for it fascinating plot and strong direction.

2. Dicky Rutnagur, who passed away recently, was a____?
[A]Sports journalist
[B]Film Director

Sports journalist
Dicky Rutngar, an admired sports journalist who found his metier in serious cricket writing in India and England and in radio commentary passed away in London. Dicky
edited the Indian Cricket-Field Annual for almost eight years.

3. Which of the following country has become the 5th country to ratify Istanbul convention?

Italy became the 5th country to ratify Istanbul convention which aims to combat violence against women. The Council of European commission on preventing and combating
violence (Istanbul Convention) was opened for signature on May 11, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been signed by 29 countries and on 12
March 2012 Turkey became the first country to ratify the convention, followed by Albania, Montenegro and Portugal in 2013.

4. The Kochhar Commission was constituted to probe which one of the following incident?
[A]Pune Blast
[B]Bhopal Gas Disaster
[C]Godhra Train carnage
[D]Mumbai Terror attack

Bhopal Gas Disaster
Kochhar Commission was appointed to probe the Bhopal gas disaster. The commission was constituted following the June 2010 judgment against the Carbide officials awarding them lighter punishment. Recently the commission sought the information from the Prime Minister office and the Union Home ministry
about the arrest and subsequent release of then Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson.

5. Recently, which of the following states has made possession of Adhaar card is mandatory for teaching and Non teaching staff to draw salaries?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[D]West Bengal

The state government of Maharastra recently announced that possession of Adhaar card is mandatory for teaching and Non teaching staff to draw salaries.

6. The controversial Polavaram project is a being constructed on which one of the following River?

Andhra Pradesh has been constructing Polavaram project on Godavari River. It is a controversial project between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Recently Odisha government
has opposed the visit of a three-member central team to discuss the controversial project and seeking impose of ban on the dam

7. Which among the following Nations has became the first European nation to make military service compulsory for women’s?

Norway has become the first European and first NATO country to make military service compulsory for both genders. Norway’s parliament voted overwhelmingly on a law in this regard. Women will now face one year of military service as of 2015.

8. The United Nations Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) recently conferred its “Jacques Diouf Award” to which of the following organization of India?
[A]Uday foundation
[C]Give India

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) has been honoured FAO’s Jacques Diouf Award for its innovative efforts to lift extremely poor women out of poverty and
hunger. SEWA shares the award with the European Union.

9. Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, is located in which country?

Mount Etna is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. Recently, the World Heritage Committee granted Mount Etna World Heritage Site status and called Mount
Etna an “iconic property”.

10. Who among the following has written the book “The River of Smoke”?
[A]Naomi Klein
[B]Peter Forbes
[C]Amitav Ghosh
[D]Chetan Bhagath

Amitav Ghosh
Amitav Ghosh is the author of the book “The River of Smoke”. This book is among 12 tittles short listed for the Warwick Prize for writing. The biennial prize, run by the
University of Warwick, is unique as an international, cross disciplinary award open to substantial pieces of writing in the English language.

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