Vajra Prahar: India-US Joint Military Exercise, 2022

The 13th edition of India-US Joint Special Forces Exercise Vajra Prahar recently concluded in Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh. Earlier, its 12th edition was held in October 2021 at Joint Base Lewis Mc Cord in Washington, USA.

Key Points

  • During this 21-day joint training, the special forces of both the countries underwent training in special operations, air operations and counter-terrorism operations in a joint environment under the United Nations Charter.
  • The exercise was conducted in two phases. The first phase included combat adaptation and tactical level special mission training exercises. Under the second phase, 48 hours of verification of training received by both the parties has been included in the first phase.

Vajra Prahar

‘Vajra Prahar’ is an Indo-US Special Forces joint training exercise that began alternately in 2010 in India and the US.

The aim of the exercise is to boost military ties between the two countries by enhancing reciprocity and mutual exchange of strategies between the Special Forces.

This joint training helps in developing a joint strategy between the two armies by sharing best practices and rich pool of experiences of each other’s armies as well as expertise in operations in counter-terrorism and counter-terrorism environments.



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