India-US: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Coronavirus Impact, India-US Healthcare Collaboration etc to be discussed in India Ideas Summit

The India Ideas Summit, to be held on July 21-22, will see discussions around various topics including the impact of COVID 19 on the global supply chain, India-US healthcare collaboration etc. The summit is arranged by the US India Business Council. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the virtual summit along with many other top ..

India-US to begin joint Ayurvedic Clinical trials for COVID-19

On July 9, 2020, India and United States began joint Ayurvedic Clinical trials against COVID-19. The joint research is to be supported by the Indo-US Science Technology Forum (IUSSTF). Highlights There are three ongoing collaborations between US-based institutions and India Vaccine companies. Other Projects Both the countries have been conducting several such projects. This includes ..

Indian Army to buy small arms through foreign Military Sales

The Indian Army is all set to purchase small arms through Foreign Military sales. Highlights The small arms are to be purchased from the US based firm FN Herstal. The small arms purchased will be used by the special forces. India will purchase 7.62 x 51 mm FN scar made by the US unit of ..

China imposes Visa restrictions on US individuals over Hong Kong

On June 29, 2020, China announced that it will impose Visa restrictions on US individuals who have “Egregious Conduct” related to Hong Kong issues. Highlights The United States had recently imposed sanctions against unnamed Chinese officials that US believe are responsible for curbing freedom in Hong Kong. What is the issue? The Parliament of China ..

India-Japan conduct Naval Exercises

On June 27, 2020 India and Japan held Naval Exercises in the Indian Ocean amidst the LAC stand off between India and China. Highlights The Exercise was conducted to promote mutual understanding between the naval forces of the countries. The exercise comprised of four warships, 2 each from India and Japan. The Indian Navy vessels ..

India and US sign $3 billion military helicopter deal

During the Indian visit of the US President Donald Trump, India and the US signed a $3 billion military helicopter deal. It includes the deal for 24 MH-60 Sikorsky Romeo multi-role helicopters and 6 Apache attack choppers. The Romeo Seahawk helicopters, which are to be deployed in Indian Navy, have state-of-the-art combat systems. The Apache ..

India not eligible for US’ GSP benefits

The United States Trade Representative’s (USTR’s) office has recently classified India as a developed economy and it is ineligible for GSP benefits from the US. The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) scheme offers a lower tariff to the exporters of a select group of developing countries. India is the largest beneficiary nation under the GSP, which enjoyed ..

U.S. Considering ‘301 probe’ on India

The Deputy U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has stated that the U.S. will consider a 301 investigation which is a precursor to tariffs and other trade measures. if the trade issues between the two countries are not resolved quickly. The U.S. which is opposing the data localization provisions said India finalizing data localisation policies could be deal-breaker, paving ..