US Bill on Arunachal Pradesh LAC

The US senate recently passed a resolution condemning China. According to the resolution, China is changing the status of LAC using its military force. Also, the resolution lauded India for the country’s steps to defend itself against Chinese aggression at the border.

About the resolution

The resolution title was long and self-explanatory. The title mentioned that Arunachal Pradesh was an integral part of India. It also said that the actions of China in South Asia are provocative.

Implications of the resolution

The USA is strongly supporting India and its international relations. US Congress had passed such resolutions earlier too. For instance, in 2020, the US Congress passed a similar resolution after the Galwan issue. However, this is the first time, the US is passing a detailed and open resolution that is echoing the position of India in the border areas.

Political significance

The resolution had the support of both the Republican and conservative party support. This is an additional benefit. This means the support from the US and its citizens is strong. The increase in the number of Indian Americans in the country may be one of the major reasons for such collective support.



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