US-China: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Beijing Imposed New Restrictions on US Diplomats

Beijing has imposed “reciprocal restrictions” on all American diplomats in China and Hongkong. This step was taken by China in response to restrictions imposed on its embassy staff in the United States. The ministry said that unspecified countermeasures will be applied to all US embassy and consulate staff. By taking these measures, China also urge ..

China sends fighter jets amidst US’s support for Taiwan

Chinese Air Force fighter jets crossed the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait briefly and they were tracked by Taiwanese missiles. The US health Chief Alex Azar also visited the island to offer support of President Donald Trump to the government of the island nation. China condemned this visit by the US Official as China claimed ..

US bans transactions with TikTok and WeChat

The US President has issued a couple of executive orders that would ban any US transactions with the Chinese companies that own TikTok and WeChat as the country is interested in aggravating the measures in the interest of national security. What will the ban imply? This order prohibits any kind of transaction by any person ..

Chinese Officials Implementing Oppressive Laws against Hong Kong to be put under Sanctions by US

The US Administration has passed legislation that will hold responsible the particular Chinese officials who are implementing any oppressive law against Hong Kong. The US Government has also decided to end any kind of preferential treatment for Hong Kong. This comes on the backdrop of the increasingly tough stance being adopted by the US on ..

Sanctions on China Possible for South China Sea Actions: USA

A top US diplomat has criticized the expansionary tactics played by China in the South China Sea and has also threatened it with possible sanctions in the coming months. The USA has long been protesting against the coercion politics played by Beijing in the region where it claims around 90 per cent of the total ..