US Congress

US Bill on Arunachal Pradesh LAC

The US senate recently passed a resolution condemning China. According to the resolution, China is changing the status of LAC using its military force. Also, the resolution lauded India for the country’s steps to defend itself against Chinese aggression at ..



US Senate passes bill to avert Government Shutdown

The US Congress recently passed a stop gap bill to avert government shutdown. The bill extended the funding through mid – February. The bill is usually passed so that the US Government does not run out of money. Why was ..


US Population increases by 7.4%

The Central Bureau of the United States recently announced that the population of the United States has increased by 7.4%. This is the second slowest growth of US Population since the Great Depression. Background The Census Bureau recently released the ..


Statehood Movement in Columbia

The House of Representatives in the US recently passed a bill to make Washington DC, the fifty first US state. The Washington DC Admission bill is being passed for the second time in a year. The bill will create the ..


US House passes No Ban Act

The US House of Representatives recently passed a bill that will limit the ability of the President to impose religion-based travel ban. It is informally called “No Ban Act”. Why was the act passed? The No Ban Act was passed ..


Stopgap Funding Bill

The US President Donald Trump recently signed the Stopgap Funding Bill. The bill provides the law makers two more days to sort out few issues in the ongoing negotiations about the 900 billion USD aid package. What is Stopgap Funding ..