Tripura Elections 2023: 81% Voter turn out

The biggest challenge of Indian elections is citizen participation. 81% of the state population cast their votes in the recent Tripura Elections conducted by ECI. The voter turnout was higher than in the 2018 polls. BJP is the current ruler in the state. In the 2023 assembly elections, three parties are contesting. They are the BJP, Congress, and the Tipra Motha Party.

Tipra Motha Party

It was formed by the Tripuris, the indigenous tribe of the state. They are demanding a separate state for their tribe. They want GoI to unite the Tripuris from other states along with them in a separate land called Tipraland. The party is led by Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma. Earlier he was with Congress. However, he quit saying the Congress party is forcing him to accommodate corrupt people under him.

About Tripura Legislative Assembly

The state follows a unicameral legislature. There are 30 elected members in the assembly. The first Tripura Legislative Assembly was formed in 1967.



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