India joins Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate

The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate is a joint initiative of the US. It was started by UAE and USA. The main objective of the initiative is to address hunger and climate change. This is to be achieved by inviting countries and other private organizations to invest in innovative and climate-smart agricultural systems.

Key Focus of the mission: Gender Equity, Inclusion, and Equity

Objectives of the Mission

  • The mission will demonstrate the benefits of collective commitment. It will aim to increase investments in smart agriculture, innovative agricultural technologies, and food system
  • Frameworks will be created to promote knowledge, expertise, and technical discussions. This is to be achieved by amplifying national and international level investments
  • To create platforms and infrastructure for governments, scientists, and other stakeholders to share information and take climate-related actions


There are three major stakeholders in the mission. They are government partners, innovation sprint partners, and knowledge partners.



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