Ukraine War: India-China abstain from UN Voting

The United Nations recently voted in a resolution of peace in Ukraine. According to the resolution, the members wanted Russia to withdraw its troops. The number of member countries in the United Nations is 193. Of these, 141 members voted in favour of the resolution. However, India and China abstained from voting. Despite Ukraine’s personal call to India, “Support us” India abstained from voting. Ukraine’s Presidential office called on the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and asked India to support Ukraine.


Just before the voting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “The US and NATO should understand why India and China are still reluctant to join NATO”. In 2011, NATO invited India to join the alliance. But India has not responded to the invite yet.

Why did India abstain from voting?

India has always been diplomatic in the issues between Russia and US. Both countries are important for India. India’s defence trade with the US is around 21 billion USD. As compared to the India-US defence trade, the India-Russia defence trade may increase or decrease. BUT! Russia is still the largest exporter of defence goods for India. This means India is still dependent on Russia as far as the overall security of the country. The US is important from an economic point of view. With the US, the defence trade is increasing, not national security. Most of the Military strengthening is done through Russian defence trade even today.



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