Noida Supertech Twin Towers razed

Recently, on the directions of the Supreme Court, Noida’s famous Twin Towers (Apex (32 floors) and Cyan (29 floors)) were blown up and demolished. This twin tower was built by Supertech. This matter was going on in the court for the last 9 years, after which the Supreme Court had said in its decision that the construction of this tower is illegal and the company will demolish it at its own expense under the supervision of the Noida Authority.

Why have the buildings been razed?

In the early 2000s, real estate company Supertech Limited started a housing project named ‘Emerald Court’. Noida Authority allotted land to Supertech for this project on 23 November 2004.

Initially, the builder was to build 14 9-storey towers under the approval of the Noida Authority. Its lease was finalized in March 2005. Later the company changed the plan and built 15 11-storey towers. The plan was later revised again and the builder was allowed to build up to 40 floors in each tower.

Subsequently, in 2012, residents of Supertech Emerald Court Society filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court calling the building illegal. The petitioners argued that Supertech Group violated norms to sell more flats and increase its profit margin.

In 2014, the Allahabad High Court gave the right to demolish these towers at its own cost within four months from the date of filing the order. But by the time this order came, many flats had already been booked. The High Court had also ordered Supertech to refund the money to the flat buyers along with 14 percent interest.

In protest against this decision, both Noida Authority and Supertech moved the Supreme Court. In August last year, while upholding the High Court’s decision, the court gave three months to demolish the tower, but due to technical difficulties, it was increased to one year. Finally, the tower was demolished on 28 August 2022. 3700 kg of explosives was used in the demolition of this building.



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