National Statistics Day

The National Statistics Day is observed on June 29, each year. It aims to raise public awareness on value of statistics in everyday life and planning & development process.

History of the Day

The National Statistics Day is being observed in India since 2007. It is celebrated to honour exceptional contributions made by Professor Mahanlanobis in statistical research & economic planning. June 29 also marks the birthday of Professor PC Mahalanobis. Indian Gazette initially published a notification about observing the “National Statistics Day” on June 5, 2007.

Theme of the day

The National Statistics Day 2022 was observed under the theme– “Data for Sustainable Development”.

Significance of the Day

The National Statistics Day is observed to honour Professor Mahalanobis as well as to promote the use of statistics in daily life. It main goal is to raise public awareness on the role played by statistics in formulating and affecting public policy.

Which is the implementing authority?

The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI) is in charge of planning for “National Statistics Day”.

Who is PC Mahalanobis?

In post-independent era, Mahalanobis became a significant figure in the field of collecting essential statistical data. It further allowed the government in setting policies. PC Mahalanobis graduated with honours in physics in 1912, from Presidency College of Calcutta. He then moved to England for studying physics and mathematics at University of Cambridge. After returning, he taught at the Presidency College and established Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta in 1931. He established National Sample Survey in 1950, in a bid to provide comprehensive socio-economic statistics. He was also a member of Planning Commission of India during 1955-1967. Second Five-Year Plan was based on Mahalanobis’s mathematical description of Indian economy and it later came to be known as Mahalanobis model.



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