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Philippines hit by a major earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 had struck the northwest part of the country causing heavy damage to the airport. The quake triggered a state of panic for the residents who were seen rushing out of the high-rise buildings. Rescue efforts ..

Iran and Pakistan decide to set up a Joint Border Reaction Force (JBRF)

Iran and Pakistan have decided to set up a Joint Border Reaction Force (JBRF) following a number of deadly attacks by militant groups on their frontier. The announcement comes following tensions between the two countries who have in recent months ..

Afghanistan: List of 250 Afghans for holding talks with Taliban released

The administration of Afghanistan in Kabul has recently announced as a list of 250 people which also includes 50 women who will go to Qatar for holding talks with the Taliban in the weekend. The names which have been announced ..

India’s first-of-its-kind ‘Voter Park’ inaugurated in Gurugram

India’s first-of-its-kind ‘Voter Park’ has recently inaugurated in Gurugram, Haryana to increase voter awareness and educating people about the electoral process. At the park, voters will get information about the polling process and the history of elections in the country. ..

Taliban attacks Kunduz in Afghanistan

Taliban in Afghanistan have launched a major offensive in the Kunduz city, killing six people and wounding more than 50. The attack was launched by the Taliban fighters from various directions after midnight. As stated by the head of the ..

Taliban announces spring offensive

The Taliban has announced their spring offensive which happens annually even though the peace talks with the US are underway. The announcement has come even though the meeting with representatives of the Afghan government is slated for an end of ..