ISIL completely uprooted in Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces have declared a major victory over the ISIL bringing an end to a four-year battle against the group which had given a new meaning to the word terror. The group had once covered an area covering one-third of Syria and Iraq. The day of final win has come after days of fighting as the terror camp at the village Baghouz, which was the last stand of the ISIL fighters was reduced to shreds by bombs.

The only pieces which remained on the scene were left out trenches, craters created by bombs, burnt tents and metal parts of the vehicles. The finish of the last stronghold of ISIL has brought an end to a grave battle which got stretched to many weeks which saw many thousands of the locals run away from the area while many fighters ISIL also surrendered under desperation and hundreds others got killed.

The fate of the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is under suspicion as it is not sure if he is still alive or has died or is into hiding. The defeat has definitely sealed the end of the Caliphate which has risen with a storm reached its height four years ago with around 8 million people. It is said the group still has a scattered presence and even runs sleeper cells all across Syria and Iraq. The affiliates of ISIL in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, Afghanistan and in other parts of the world continue to operate and carry the ideology of the group. This has led to many lone wolf attacks which often share no ideology with the main leadership of the group.

US and its allies have led the campaign to wrestle back the territory from ISIS since last 5 years and have engaged in heavy bombardment of more than 100,000 bombs and have wiped off many fighters and civilians in the area. The group had emerged in 2006 as a by-concern of Al-Qaeda. It had a huge role in taking the sectarian conflict to new levels which actually had resulted in US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Many deadly attacks had been carried out by ISIS in Baghdad when it had typically targeted the tribal heads who were supporting US and also various posts of US army. Once pushed back from Baghdad, it established its hold on the city of Mosul which it had used to carry all further attacks.  

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