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Sudan Protests: Gunshots and Tear Gas fired

In protests which have launched by thousands of protestors against the government, heavy gunfire has been heard in the capital town of Khartoum outside the office of the Defence Ministry of Sudan. Many eyewitnesses alleged that the security forces also ..

Indian Navy ties up with CSIR for joint research

Indian Navy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to undertake joint research and development of advanced technologies for the Indian Navy. This will be a collaborative arrangement between labs of CSIR, ..

SIGAR states reintegration and economy as primary risks for Afghanistan

The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction SIGAR has raised concerns that Afghanistan will still remain under the dependence of foreign donors and international assistance even after it entered into a peace deal with Taliban. The watchdog monitors the US ..

ISIL completely uprooted in Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces have declared a major victory over the ISIL bringing an end to a four-year battle against the group which had given a new meaning to the word terror. The group had once covered an area covering one-third ..

Section 66A of IT Act of 2000 scraped to avoid people being prosecuted

The Supreme Court has recently directed all state governments to sensitize their police personnel about scrapped Section 66A of Information Technology Act of 2000 so that people are not unnecessarily arrested under the provision. The Supreme court has also asked ..

Grammy Awards 2019

The Grammy Awards 2019 were awarded to the winners at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on 10th February. The award-show was held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. Nominations were announced on December 7, 2018. Childish Gambino and Kacey ..