Taliban attacks Kunduz in Afghanistan

Taliban in Afghanistan have launched a major offensive in the Kunduz city, killing six people and wounding more than 50. The attack was launched by the Taliban fighters from various directions after midnight. As stated by the head of the council of Kunduz, Mohammad Yusouf Ayubi, has said that the forces of the Taliban attacked the city from many directions in the early hours of the Saturday morning.

The sound of gunfire forced many people to run from their homes as the sounds of explosions echoed the whole city and its outskirts. The Taliban fighters also took the responsibility for an attack on the district headquarters in the eastern province of Nangarhar late on Friday.

Two Afghan troops along with nearly 27 Taliban fighters were killed as per the spokesperson of the governor. The governmental forces of Afghanistan were able to repel the attack after the arrival of the reinforcements. The Taliban, who are known to inflate the numbers have claimed to have killed more than 200 soldiers. The attack within hours of the announcement that the Taliban will soon launch a spring offensive under the name Operation Fath. It was on Friday, when a police envoy in the Ghor province which lies in the West, was attacked killing seven men from the security forces. Among the ones who were killed was also Faqir Ahmad Noori, who is the operational head for the provincial police of Ghor.

In another attack, in the northern province of Baghlan, the Taliban had killed seven police and had wounded another eight men on the checkpoints.

Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan has severely condemned the announcement of the Operation Fath in the strongest possible words and also said that the continuation of the war in is the interest of no one.

The spring offensive of the Taliban marks the start of the fighting season although in reality the fighting never stopped even in winters. The Taliban is in control of about half the Afghanistan and has been involved in launching multiple attacks on the Afghan forces irrespective of the several rounds of peace talks with the United States. It is said that another round of talks is due for the end of April although the Taliban have refused to talk to officials from Kabul.


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