Saudi Arabia to host 2027 Asian Cup Football Tournament

The Asian Football Cup is held once in four years. It is organized by the Asian Football Confederation. Around 23 teams participate in the tournament. Teams are carefully chosen based on their skills and several other selection criteria. Teams are chosen by AFC. The host of the tournament is selected through a bidding process. The 2023 host is Qatar. This was decided long back. Recently, the 2027 host was selected and it is Saudi Arabia.

India too placed its bids

In 2019, when the AFC announced the bidding process for the 2027 cup, India too placed its bids. FIFA’s issue in 2022 affected India’s win. What is the FIFA issue? FIFA banned the All India Football Federation for its influence from third parties. FIFA also took away the rights of India to hold the U-17 women’s world football cup in 2022. However, the ban was lifted later. Besides bidding, voting is also held. Out of 45 countries that participated in the voting, 23 countries voted for Saudi Arabia.

Other countries that placed bids

India, Iran, Qatar, and Uzbekistan

Asian Cup Football Tournament 2027

  • Slogan: Forward for Asia
  • Host cities: Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah

The 2023 Asian Football Cup

Around 24 teams are to participate in the tournament. So far, AFC has selected 13 teams. The hosting country, that is, Qatar qualifies directly. The other countries selected so far are Japan, Syria, South Korea, Australia, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Iraq, Oman, Vietnam, Lebanon, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Jordan, and Indonesia.




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