PM Remarks on Indian Science Congress (ISC)

In his address at the 108th Indian Science Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the significant progress India has made in the field of science and innovation. He stated that India is now ranked 40th on the Global Innovation Index, up from 81st in 2015, and is among the top three countries in terms of startups and PhD research works. The theme of this year’s Science Congress is “Science Technology for Sustainable Development with Women Empowerment,” and PM Modi emphasized the importance of women’s involvement in scientific research.

PM Modi also emphasized the role of science in making India self-reliant, or Atmanirbhar. He stated that the efforts of science can only bear fruit when they are applied in the real world, and called for the further improvement of India’s millets through the use of science, with 2023 being declared the International Year of Millets.

Data Analysis and Technology in India

In the 21st century, PM Modi noted that India has an abundance of data and technology, which can be utilized to take the country’s science to new heights. He highlighted the importance of data analysis in converting information into insight and analysis into actionable knowledge.

G20 Presidency and Women’s Empowerment

India recently took on the responsibility of G20 presidency, and PM Modi stated that women’s empowerment is a major priority among the major topics of G-20. He also emphasized that the increasing participation of women in science is a reflection of the progress of society and science, and that the goal is to empower science through the participation of women.

Importance of Science in India’s Development

PM Modi asserted that the development of science in India should be motivated by the needs of the country. He stated that the role of India’s scientific power will be crucial in determining the heights the country will reach in the next 25 years. He also emphasized that science should be focused on making India self-reliant, and called for the efforts of science to be applied in the real world.

Data Analysis and Technology as Drivers of Scientific Progress

PM Modi pointed to the abundance of data and technology in 21st century India as key drivers of scientific progress. He emphasized the role of data analysis in converting information into insight and turning analysis into actionable knowledge.



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