What is TechEquity?

In a significant stride towards gender equality and digital inclusion, India is set to launch TechEquity – a transformative digital platform aimed at empowering women worldwide. With its official unveiling scheduled on the first day of the two-day G20 EMPOWER summit in Gandhinagar, TechEquity holds the promise of impacting two to three million women in the coming year.

TechEquity: Bridging the Gender Digital Divide

TechEquity emerges as a pioneering initiative under India’s G20 presidency, seeking to bridge the gender digital divide. The platform’s primary goal is to empower women by equipping them with essential digital and financial literacy, tech skill development, and core skill enhancement courses.

Multilingual Access: Inclusivity for All

TechEquity prioritizes inclusivity by offering content in an impressive 120 languages. This multilingual approach ensures that women from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access the platform, irrespective of geographical location.

Three Years of Support: India’s Commitment

India showcases its commitment to women’s empowerment by funding TechEquity for the next three years. This financial support ensures the platform’s sustainability and continued efforts towards bridging the gender digital divide.

FICCI: Ensuring Smooth Functioning

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) plays a critical role in maintaining TechEquity. As the organization responsible for its upkeep, FICCI ensures seamless operations and enriches the user experience.

EMPOWER: Catalyzing Women’s Economic Representation

EMPOWER, the G20 Alliance for Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation, was established in 2019. It is the G20 coalition dedicated to advancing and promoting the economic representation and empowerment of women. This alliance operates under the Sherpa Track, bringing together government and private sector representation, with a primary focus on accelerating women’s leadership and empowerment across G20 nations.



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