Developmental Plan for Konark Sun Temple Complex

The Konark Sun Temple Complex in Odisha holds immense historical and cultural significance. To enhance its beauty and visitor experience, the Odisha Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, has recently approved a development project under the Konark Heritage Area Development Plan (KHADP). With a budget of over Rs 209 crore, this initiative aims to transform the physical infrastructure surrounding the temple complex and provide an enriched experience for tourists.

Focus on Physical Infrastructure and Visitor Experience

The development plan for the Konark Sun Temple Complex primarily concentrates on improving two key aspects: physical infrastructure and visitors’ experience. Recognizing the importance of maintaining and enhancing the heritage site, the government aims to revitalize the temple complex by implementing innovative design and restoration techniques. This will not only preserve its architectural grandeur but also create a more accessible and enjoyable environment for visitors.

Completion Timeline and Funding

The development project is set to be completed within a span of 18 calendar months. This timeframe highlights the government’s emphasis on timely execution to ensure minimal disruption to visitors. The state government has allocated a budget of more than Rs 209 crore for the execution of the work, reflecting its strong financial commitment to the project.



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