Saudi Arabia: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Tata Communications Gets Telecom License in Saudi Arabia

Tata Communications has been granted the local telecom license in Saudi Arabia and as part of this, the company will be allowed to provide internet and related telecom services to the enterprises in that country in a defined capacity along with local currency billing for end-customers. This is going to enable the company to make ..

Saudi Arabia Abolishes Flogging as a Punishment

The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia recently abolished flogging as a punishment in the country. This is seen as the latest in a series of measures to reform the orthodox government. Flogging in Saudi Arabia The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia had recently done away with flogging as a mode of punishment. The controversial public ..

Spanish Monarchy

Spain’s King Felipe VI has renounced inheritance from his father, the former King Juan Carlos I, amid allegations of financial impropriety by the latter. Spanish Monarchy The Monarchy of Spain is the highest office in Spain and is a constitutional institution. Spain is a constitutional monarchy. The Spanish king is the head of the state ..

SIPRI released “Trends in international arms transfers 2019” report

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) recently released its annual “Trends in international arms transfers 2019” report. As per the report, India retained its rank as the world’s second largest arms importers during 2015-19. The five largest arms importers during the five-year period were Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Australia and China, which was 36% ..

Round-up of Saudi Royals

Senior royals of Saudi Arabia were recently arrested for allegedly plotting a coup against the ruling king and his son. Arrested Royals The authorities had arrested 3 senior royals in Saudi Arabia: Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz (the younger brother of King Salman), Prince Mohammed bin Nayef (the former crown prince) and Prince Nawaf bin Nayef ..