Railway Board Increases Ex-Gratia Payments for Train Accident Victims

The Railway Board in India has significantly increased ex-gratia payments for victims of train accidents and untoward incidents. The ex-gratia relief amounts, last revised in 2012 and 2013, have been increased by tenfold. The circular, dated September 18, states that relatives of deceased passengers in train accidents and manned level crossing accidents will now receive Rs 5 lakh, while grievously injured passengers will be awarded Rs 2.5 lakh. Passengers with simple injuries will receive Rs 50,000. Previously, these amounts were much lower, at Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000, and Rs 5,000, respectively.

Why has the Railway Board increased ex-gratia payments for train accident victims?

The Railway Board has increased ex-gratia payments to provide more substantial financial support to victims of train accidents and untoward incidents, with the aim of better addressing their needs.

How has this revision affected the previous ex-gratia relief amounts?

The new ex-gratia relief amounts are ten times higher than the previous amounts, which were significantly lower.

What does the circular specify regarding ex-gratia relief for hospitalization of grievously injured passengers?

The circular outlines ex-gratia relief for hospitalization of grievously injured passengers beyond 30 days, with specific amounts to be released at different intervals during their hospitalization.

In what cases will no ex-gratia relief be provided?

No ex-gratia relief will be admissible in cases of accidents at unmanned level crossings, for trespassers, and for persons electrocuted by Over Head Equipment (OHE).



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