Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan

The Assam government is set to launch a new scheme called “Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan.” This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to young individuals, fostering self-reliance and economic independence among the state’s youth. Chief Minister Sarma announced the launch of the scheme during a video conference with senior officials, where the details of the initiative were discussed. The registration process for the program is scheduled to commence on September 23-24.

What is the objective of the “Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan” scheme?

The scheme aims to provide financial assistance of Rs. 2 lakh each to two lakh youth in Assam to promote self-reliance and independence.

What is the significance of this initiative for the youth of Assam?

The scheme is designed to empower and support the youth of Assam by offering financial assistance to help them become economically self-reliant.

How does this scheme align with the state government’s goals and priorities?

The scheme aligns with the government’s commitment to empower and support the youth of Assam in becoming self-sufficient. This will contribute to the state’s overall development.



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