Quiz 84: Indian History General Studies

1. As per Vedic rituals, which among the following is the divine messenger who receives the prayers and conveys them to the heavenly spheres?

2. As per the Hindu Philosophy, what is the number of articles under the restraints and practices (Yamas and Niyamas)?

3. Who among the following was the first ruler of sen dynasty?
[A]Ballal Sen
[B]Hemant Sen
[C]Vijay Sen
[D]Lakshaman Sen

4. The principal place of origin for the Sen Dynasty was located in which among the following current states of India?
[A]Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
[B]Bihar, Odisha
[C]Andhra Pradesh, Odisha
[D]West Bengal, Odisha

5. Who among the following was the first famous and powerful king of Sen dynasty?
[A]Ballal Sen
[B]Vijay Sen
[C]Samanta Sen
[D]Vikram Sen

6. Vikrampura and Vijaypuri were two capitals of which among the following Sen kings?
[A]Ballal Sen
[B]Vijay Sen
[C]Samnta Sen
[D]Hemanta Sen

7. Who among the following was the founder of Gahadvala Dynasty?

8. In which among the following battles , Jaichandra was defeated and killed by Mohammad Ghori?
[A]Battle of Kannauj
[B]Battle of Chandawar
[C]Battle of Tarain III
[D]Battle of Talikota

9. Sri Harsha was a court poet of which among the following Gahadwala Kings?

10. Which among the following kings constructed the Osian temples of Rajasthan?

11. Rajasekhara, the eminent Sanskrit poet, dramatist and critic., who is best known for his work Kavyamimamsa was a court poet of which among the following kings of Gurjara Pratiharas?
[A]Bhoj II
[B]Mihirbhoja I
[C]Mahendrapala I
[D]Mahipala I

12. At which among the following places, Gokal Jat revolted against mughals in the 17th century?

13. Etti, Kavidi and Eradi are names of which among the following in sangam age?

14. After a defeat in prolonged debate on Vedic philosophies, who among the following is known to have become disciple of Adi Sankara and later became first head of Sringeri Mutt?

15. Consider the following statements:
1. Smritis are considered inferior to Shruti in point of religious authority
2. Bhagwadgita is a Smriti text
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?
[A]Only 1
[B]Only 2
[C]Both 1 & 2
[D]Neither 1 nor 2

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  • ASB

    Q.5 Last ruler of sen dynasty was keshab sen(1225-1230 AD)

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    how many country in the world?

  • Rigved

    I think yama and niyama combined have ten articles ……i.e five under each ! admin kindly clear my doubt ..i will be grateful to u!

    • GKToday

      In Ancient Hindu Culture, the Yama and Niyama are considered to be the first two of the 8 limbs of the Raja Yoga. These constitute a set of 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas, which are basically the essential foundation of all spiritual progress.

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    how can i download this material?