Quiz 84: Indian History General Studies

1. As per Vedic rituals, which among the following is the divine messenger who receives the prayers and conveys them to the heavenly spheres?
[A] Agni
[B] Soma
[C] Varuna
[D] Indra

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2. As per the Hindu Philosophy, what is the number of articles under the restraints and practices (Yamas and Niyamas)?
[A] 5
[B] 15
[C] 20
[D] 36

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3. Who among the following was the first ruler of sen dynasty?
[A] Ballal Sen
[B] Hemant Sen
[C] Vijay sen
[D] Lakshaman Sen

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4. Who among the following was the first famous and powerful king of Sen dynasty?

[A] Ballal Sen
[B] Vijay Sen
[C] Samanta Sen
[D] Vikram Sen

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5. Vikrampura and Vijaypuri were two capitals of which among the following Sen kings?
[A] Ballal Sen
[B] Vijay Sen
[C] Samnta Sen
[D] Hemanta Sen

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6. Who among the following was the founder of Gahadvala Dynasty?
[A] Chandradev
[B] Govindchandra
[C] Madanpala
[D] Jayachandra

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7. In which among the following battles ,Jaichandra was defeated and killed by Mohammad Ghori?
[A] Battle of Kannauj
[B] Battle of Chandawar
[C] Battle of Tarain III
[D] Battle of Talikota

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8. Sri Harsha was a court poet of which among the following Gahadwala Kings?
[A] Govindchandra
[B] Jayachandra
[C] Chandradev
[D] Virachandra

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9. Which among the following kings constructed the Osian temples of Rajasthan?
[A] Solankis
[B] Pratihara
[C] Chuahanas
[D] Guhilots

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10. Rajasekhara, the eminent Sanskrit poet, dramatist and critic, who is best known for his work Kavyamimamsa was a court poet of which among the following kings of Gurjara Pratiharas?
[A] Bhoj II
[B] Mihirbhoja I
[C] Mahendrapala I
[D] Mahipala I

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  • ASB

    Q.5 Last ruler of sen dynasty was keshab sen(1225-1230 AD)

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    how many country in the world?

  • Rigved

    I think yama and niyama combined have ten articles ……i.e five under each ! admin kindly clear my doubt ..i will be grateful to u!

    • GKToday

      In Ancient Hindu Culture, the Yama and Niyama are considered to be the first two of the 8 limbs of the Raja Yoga. These constitute a set of 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas, which are basically the essential foundation of all spiritual progress.

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    how can i download this material?