Quiz 406: General Knowledge Questions for Banking, SSC and CLAT exams

Now a days, we read about a new word in business called Crowdsourcing. Which among the following fits well as a definition of Crowdsourcing?
Consider the following in suggestions in context with the goal / emphasis of the government to achieve 100% Financial Inclusion: 
  1. The Public Sector Banks should be consolidated 
  2. New Licenses should be provided to the private players 
  3. should give more support to cooperative banks.
Which among the above suggestions is / are most suitable (and involve less controversy) towards achieving the goal of 100% Financial Inclusion?
What is the number of digits in the MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code mentioned on the white strip at the bottom of the cheque just after the cheque number?
IFSC is an alphanumeric code designed to uniquely identify the bank branches in India. This is an 11-digit code with the first four characters representing the bank’s code, the next character reserved as control character (currently, 0 appears in the fifth position) and remaining six characters to identify the branch. RBI has advised all banks to print IFSC on cheque leaves issued to customers. What is the full form for IFSC Code?
In which year Mission Olympics in Army programme was launched?
Which among the following is not correctly matched? (Location of some countries)
Which among the following is the only place in India, where Chinese Fishing Nets are used outside China?
Who among the following is the only Finance Minister of India who is known to have tabled the Union budget twice on his birthday?
Which of the following Gurudwara in India is the site where the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded on the orders of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1675 A.D?
Which among the following does not fall in the category of morbid fear or Phobia?


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    let me give you an insight, how I frame the questions. This is one example. Kindly refer to question 6. (Consider the following in suggestions in context with the goal / emphasis of the government to achieve 100% Financial Inclusion). Now before I framed this question, i read the whole post and all the 35 comments and framed the question with essence of the whole discussion. please have a look on this link. I am a Voracious reader and the questions are results of this habit of mine.

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