Quiz 267: Current General Awareness

Which among the following is correct ?
Which among the following statements about Ozone is INCORRECT?
Which among the following is an ionic solid?
Hard Water contains which of the following ?
The noble gases are a group of chemical elements with very similar properties: under standard conditions, they are all odorless, colorless, monatomic gases, with a very low chemical reactivity. How many Noble gases occur naturally ?
Which among the following of a catalyst does not change at the end of a reaction?
In which year, Delimitation Commission was established?
Which article empowers the president of India to appoint a Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities?
The first official language commission was appointed in 1955. Who was the chairman of this commission?
Which among the following committee was appointed by Government of India in 1977 to recommend for improving efficiency of Panchayati Raj institution?


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    Sir i believe Shruti is a silver medal winner on Bal Diwas, Khangjrakpam Arjun of Manipur is the Gold medal winner.

  2. Bal Diwas Awards

    November 15, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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    SBI 15 Nov GA Questions…

    1.chairperson of UID..
    2.13th Finance Commission chairman.
    3.OSCAR awards for?
    4.Best Director award in IIFA 2009.
    5.NRHM allocation.
    6.IRAN President
    7.Saraswati samman award given for?
    8.Railway Budget 2 Questions..
    9.Union Budget 3-4 Questions.
    10.Which bank launched Defence Salary Package?SBI
    11.Two Questions on Books & Authors.
    12.Who won Santosh Trophy ? Goa
    13.First EU-Pak Summit? Brussels
    14.INDO-Gulf Summit?
    15.National Sports Day?
    16. HR Bharadwaj Governor of?
    17.Wimbledon 2009 Winner?

    Thanks & Regards

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    Most of the Questions asked were from june n july 2009

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