Quiz 260: Money, Banking & Finance

1.We have studied that service tax in India made its debut in 1994. Which among the following services were not covered when service tax was imposed for the first time in India? (more than one options)
(A)Stock broker
(B)General insurance
(C)Advertising Agencies
(E)Courier Agencies

2.As per the budget 2008-2009 announcements, the small service providers whose turnover is less than _____ need not to pay service tax?
(A)Rs. 3 Lakh
(B)Rs. 5 Lakh
(C)Rs. 8 Lakh
(D)Rs. 10 Lakh
(E)Rs. 7 Lakh

3.Expenditures of the central government on flagship development programmes comes under which of the following?
(A)Plan expenditures
(B)Non Plan expenditures
(C)Revenue expenditures
(D)Capital expenditures
(E)None of them

4.In which year central government abolished banking Services Recruitment Boards?

5.Which among the following committees suggested the concept of ” Universal Banking” ?
(A)Raja Chelliah Committee
(B)SH Khan Committee
(C)Abid Hussain Committee
(D)LK Jha Committee
(E)None of them

6.In October 2000, RBI introduced SFFSS to provide intra day funds to facilitate settlements of securities transactions. What is SFFSS?
(A)Special Finance Facility for Security Systems
(B)Special Fund Facility for Security Systems
(C)Special Finance Facility for Security Settlements
(D)Special Fund Facility for Security Settlements
(E)None of them

7.RBI has prescribed that Banks should make 100 percent provision for all loss assets or non performing assets over a period of two years as prudential norms. This was included in the recommendations of which of the following committees?
(A)Raja Chelliah Committee
(B)Narsimhahm Committee
(C)Chakravarty Committee
(D)Abid Hussain Committee
(E)None of them

8.The industrial Finance Corporation of India which was the first Development Finance Institution in India was originally a shareholders corporation. In which year it was converted to a company under companies act 1956?

9.At which of the following place coins are not minted in India?

10.Which among the following published annual “Report on Currency & Finance” ?
(A)Central Statistical organization
(B)Ministry of Finance, Government of India
(C)Reserve Bank of India
(D)Department of Economic Affairs
(E)None of them

11.In which year Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (CFSA) was set up by the Government of India and the Reserve Bank ?

12.Who among the following was the Chairman of Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (CFSA) ?
(A)Shri Ashok Chawla
(B)Dr. Rakesh Mohan
(C)Dr. D Subbarao
(D)Usha Thorat
(E)KC Chakraborty

13.At which of the following places first Land Development Bank was established in India?

14.Where are the headquarters of National Housing Bank?
(D)New Delhi

15.In which year UTI was split into UTI-I and UTI-II?

16.Which of the following institutions had its previous name as Export Risk Insurance Corporation?
(A)Export Import Bank
(B)Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
(C)Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
(D)General Insurance Corporation
(E)None of them

17.The Nidhis are a type of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) where a borrower would have to become a member first. In which state Nidhis are peculiar in India?
(B)Uttar Pradesh

18.Which of the following organizations provides Buffer Stock Financing Facility ?
(A)Reserve Bank of India
(B)Asian Development Bank
(C)International Monetary Fund
(D)World Bank
(E)Federal Reserve Bank

19.Where are the headquarters of “Asian Clearing Union”?

20.Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP or ESCAP), located in Bangkok is a regional arm of which of the following?
(A)United nations
(B)International Monetary Fund
(C)World bank
(D)World Development Movement
(E)World Wide Fund

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