Quiz 183: GK for Banking & SSC Examinations


Indravati Hydro Electric Project belongs to which state?

[A] Tamil nadu
[B] Orissa
[C] Karnataka
[D] Andhra Pradesh

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Deepak Parekh Committee is related to which of the following ?

[A] Industrial Reforms
[B] Banking Reforms
[C] Infrastructure Financing
[D] Agriculture

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Dengue which is found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world is a mosquito borne disease and caused by a _________?

[A] Bacteria
[B] Virus
[C] Fungi
[D] Protozoan

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Enterobius vermicularis which affect the caecum and vermiform appendix is commonly called as ?

[A] Tapeworm
[B] Pinworm
[C] Threadworm
[D] Ringworm

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World’s highest Hockey ground is located in:

[A] Chail
[B] Shilaroo
[C] Parwanoo
[D] Delhi

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A strategy that consists of concurrent buying and selling of equal or comparable securities from at least two markets in order to profit from the variation in their prices is called:

[A] Arbitrage
[B] Intermediation
[C] Block trade
[D] None of the above

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Which of the following concept aims to bring the most of the rural persons in the net of financial and banking services ?

[A] Financial inclusion
[B] credit management
[C] Debt management
[D] None of the above

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A mutual fund that invests in other mutual funds belonging to the same fund house or belonging to other fund houses is called ?

[A] FOF Fund of Funds
[B] Pool
[C] Portfolio
[D] None of the above

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Which of the following is the first state / UT to announce 100% financial inclusion in India ?

[A] Pondicherry
[B] Karnataka
[C] Tamilnadu
[D] Telangana

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