Prep Quiz 17: GK For New Learners

Q 1.In context with history of Marathas, what were Chauth & Sardeshmukhi?
Chauth & sardeshmukhi were two types of taxes collected by the Marathas. While Chauth was 25% of the land revenue, Sardeshmukhi was 10% of the standard Land revenue.

Q 2.What is the Anti-Defection Law?
The Tenth Schedule popularly known as the Anti-Defection Act was included in the Constitution in 1985 by the Rajiv Gandhi ministry and sets the provisions for disqualification of elected members on the grounds of defection to another political party. The law was added via the 52nd Amendment Act, 1985, soon after the Rajiv government came to power with a thumping majority in the wake of the assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi. The Congress had won 401 seats in the Lok Sabha.

Q 3.What is the Number of Ecozones in the world?
There are 8 Ecozones in the world. An ecozone is the largest scale biogeographic division of the Earth’s land surfaces. This division is based upon historic and evolutionary distribution patterns of terrestrial plants and animals. The 8 Ecozones are Palearctic, Nearctic, Afrotropic, Neotropic, Australasia, Indo-Malaya, Antarctic. Palearctic ecozone which includes Eurasia and North Africa is largest covering 87.7 million square kilometers.

Q 4.Who assassinated Hemu?
Bairam Khan
Q 5.Who introduced the Ryotwadi System?
Sher Shah Suri

Q 6.What are the durations of singing the national anthem and national song?
national Anthem: 52 seconds, National Song (Vande Mataram) 1 minute & 5 seconds

Q 7.Who appoints ad hoc judges in the Supreme Court of India?
Chief Justice of India with the permission of President

Q 8.Who was the first woman Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha?
Mrs. Violet Alva from 17 April 1962 to 2 April 1966

Q 9.Which city in Rajasthan is known as pride and Glory of Rajasthan?

Q 10.Which was the first mathematical treatise on calculus??
Yuktibhasa, written by Indian astronomer Jyeshtadeva, is considered to be the first mathematical treatise on calculus

Q 11.Which is the first autonomous regulatory institution in the world to have internationally standardized the Urdu language code table and Urdu keyboard for typewriters, teleprinters, and computer software?
National Language Authority in Pakistan

Q 12.Which is the flattest country of the world?
Maldives is the flattest country in the world, i.e. they have the lowest high-point (only 2.4 meter high) of any country in the world.

Q 13.What is the growth rate for India for 2010 predicted by IMF?
8.8% . In projecting India’s growth of 8.8 percent in 2010, 3.1 percentage points more than the 5.7 percent growth in 2009, and 8.4 percent in 2011, the IMF has in the April 2010 World Economic Outlook (WEO) raised its own estimates in January by 1.1 points for 2010 and 0.6 points for 2011.

Q 14.How many posts of DGP are in Maharastra?
There are 4 DGP posts in the state of Maharastra viz. DGP (Maharastra), DGP (Anti-Corruption Bureau), DGP (Housing) and DGP (Special Operations).

Q 15.The violence named as “Dirty War” is related to which country?
Argentina. It was the government sponsored violence against left wing militants. Carried out by Jorge Rafael Videla’s military dictatorship in 1976.

Q 16.Maldives is the smallest Asian country in Population or Area?
Maldives is the smallest Asian country in both population and area. It is lowest country on the planet. It is also the country with the lowest highest point in the world, at 2.3 meters

Q 17.What is the NPMSHF scheme of Government of India?
National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility (NPMSHF) is a new scheme introduced during 2008-09 to promote soil test based balanced and judicious use of chemical fertilizer in conjunction with organic manure and bio-fertilizer. The components of NPMSHF scheme include setting up of 500 newstatic soil testing laboratories, strengthening the existing 315 soil testing laboratories, setting up 250 mobile soil testing laboratories, promoting organic manures, soil amendments and distribution of micro nutrients, setting up 20 new fertilizer quality control laboratories and strengthening the existing 63 fertilizer quality control laboratories during the 11th Five Year Plan.

Q 18.Which articles say that a person can not be convicted twice for the same case?
Section 403 of the code of Criminal Procedure says that a person could not be tried twice for the same offence and Article 20 of the Indian Constitution says that a person could not be convicted twice for the same case.

Q 19.How do e-cigarettes work?
E-cigarettes are electronic nicotine delivery devices that resemble cigarettes but do not use tobacco. They release a small dose of nicotine with each puff.

Q 20.Which company started India’s First Blackberry service?
MTNL rolled out its Blackberry solutions on the 2G and 3G networks by launching India’s first 3G enabled Blackberry Bold smart phones.


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