Quiz 312 : Finance, Business & Economy For Bank PO Exams, Civil Services Examinations

What will be the ultimate impact on the poor and landless farmers if all of a sudden, government decides to raise the Minimum Support Prices of rice & food grains inexorably or excessively?
Which among the following is the most abundant human resource in India?
In which year Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme was launched?
Over how many years periodic review of the “Miniratna” & “Navratna” status of public enterprises on the basis of their performance?
If an exporter earns money and deposits that with RBI , what will be the ultimate impact on country’s money supply?
In which of the following countries maximum number of Branches of Indian Banks are located?
Many a times we read about Hot Money in newspapers. Which among the following options rightly describes hot money?
What is the main motive of the government behind having a dual price system & setting up of fair price shops?
Which among the following is an example of Green Field Investment?
A zero Gini index means the following?


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    questions are very standard and options are very tricky only person with specialized economic knowledge can answer.TO frame question like this, each and every question demand expert level skill.

  7. jyoti

    January 15, 2010 at 6:58 am


    Thanks a lot for this to-the-point and concrete info at one place.

    I request you to please put a list of FDI limit in all sectors, as it is one of the common question in bank exams. So we will have a rough idea of FDI limits in various sectors and changes can be dealt with….

    Thanks a lot.

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    Sir/Madam, I am a regular follower of all the quizez on the blog, they help a lot in answering Banking Exams. Just one request – Please give more questions on the banking system and rules & regulations related to banks, how banks function(as in different kinds of Accounts), what are the latest updates in different aspects of banks functioning like loans ceilings, NPA figures etc. This would be really helpful. Thank you !

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    sir could you please publish the various banks rate…thank you

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    February 10, 2010 at 5:04 am

    q no.1

    why answer is c?

  13. Admin

    February 10, 2010 at 5:39 am

    read the Note by clicking on highlighted word Impact :
    Majority of the Indian farmers who are poorer marginal farmers will be hurt by a sudden increase in the MSP because raising MSP inexorably will raise the food prices and these poorer farmers in India are net buyers of food grains. Besides there are millions of landless laborers & rural households which along with the poor farmers & raising excessively higher MSPs for wheat and rice will prove damaging for rural households.

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