Quiz 290: Current Affairs Banking & Finance for Bank, MBA and Other Examinations

1.Which of the following private insurance company in India is tying up with India Post in several states of India like Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh to reach out to rural markets through the India Post’s network?
(A)Bajaj Allianz
(B)ICICI prudential
(C)Birla Sunlife
(D)ING Vysya
(E)None of them

2.Which among the following is the partner of State Bank of India in SBI Cards?
(A)GE Capital
(B)Reliance Capital
(C)SBI capital markets Ltd
(D)L& T finance
(E)None of them

3.Reserve bank of India is doing a lot for increased Financial Inclusion in India. Recently we read in the newspapers that RBI has released a notification which allows banks to appoint the local kirana/medical/fair price shop as a business correspondent. Which among the following interfaces have been proposed for cash handling in this system?
(A)Internet Kiosks
(B)Post Offices
(C)Mobile / SMS
(D)All of above
(E)None of above

4.What is CD Ratio in Banking Industry?
(A)Cash Deposit Ratio
(B)Credit Debit Ratio
(C)Credit Deposit Ratio
(D)Cash Debt Ratio
(E)Current Debt Ratio

5. Financial Inclusion is a buzzword today in the Indian banking scenario. Which among the following provides a correct definition of Financial Inclusion as per recent directives of Reserve Bank of India to other banks of the country?
(A)Opening a Bank account of every individual in rural areas
(B)A Bank account and facility of deposit and withdrawal of the money
(C)Financial help to rural poor by providing cheap loans in easy manner
(D)Provision of all financial services like credit, remittance and overdraft facilities for the rural poor
(E)All of above

6.What is the name of the proposed Apex Bank of Regional Rural Banks in India?
(A)National Regional Bank of India
(B)National Rural Bank of India
(C)National Regional Rural Bank of India
(D)Indian Regional Rural Bank
(E)None of them

7. Note Sorting Machines are used in Banks for which of the following purpose?
(A)To be installed in Automatic Teller Machines
(B)To be used to count the notes
(C)To be used to bring out the mutilated and counterfeit notes
(D)To make bundles of large numbers of currency notes
(E)None of them

8.At an Urban centre of which of the following places , a Bank will not require RBI’s prior approval to open a Bank Branch?
1. Union Territories 2. North east India 3. Sikkim
(A)1 & 2 only
(B)2 & 3 only
(C)all 1,2 & 3
(D)1 & 3 only
(E)Bank require RBI approval to open a branch at any urban centre in any part of the country

9.Which among the following require Sponsorship in Indian banking Industry?
(A)Cooperative Banks
(B)Private Banks
(C)Regional Rural Banks
(D)Multi national Banks
(E)None of them

10.Which among the following banks in India enjoys the largest overseas presence
among domestic banks?
(A)Punjab national Bank
(B)Canara Bank
(C)State Bank of India
(D)Union Bank of India
(E)Indian Bank

11.With the objective to create awareness regarding banking services among people in remote villages of North-East, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has undertaken a series of financial outreach programmes. Recently in a village in which of the following seven sisters , the program was launched for the
first time?

12.What is the per capita bank credit in India ?
(A)Rs 19,550
(B)Rs 22,770
(C)Rs 37,911
(D)Rs 27,824
(E)None of them

13.Which among the following is India’s largest multi-state co-operative bank ?
(A)Vijaya Bank
(B)Saraswat Bank
(C)Union co-operative bank
(D)The Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank
(E)None of them

14.Which among the following correctly denotes Capital Adequacy ratio ?
(A)(Tier I Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets
(B)(Tier I Capital + Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets
(C)(Tier I Capital – Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets
(D)(Tier II Capital )divided by Risk weighted assets
(E)None of them

15.Recently we read in the newspapers that the Reserve Bank of India hiked the SLR to 25 per cent in its mid-term review of the 2009-10 (April-March) Annual Monetary Policy. Which among the following inferences can be drawn from this move of RBI?
(A)This indicates that RBI wants to make its loose monetary policy more flexible
(B)This indicates that RBI wants to exit its loose monetary policy at present
(C)This indicates that RBI wants the banks to adequately capitalized
(D)This indicates that RBI wants the banks to make optimal use of the available resources
(E)None of them

16.Which among the following company can be approached to Implement Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojna in a state ?
(A)Life Insurance Corporation
(B)New India Assurance
(C)Either of the above two
(D)Any Public Insurance Company
(E)Selected Public or Private Insurance Company

17.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)Allahabad Bank – JP Dua
(B)Andhra Bank- RS Reddy
(C)Canara Bank – AC Mahajan
(D)Indian Overseas Bank – S A Bhat
(E)all matched correctly

18.In which year NABARD incepted the scheme of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for providing soft loans to States for Rural development?

19.With which of the following international financial organizations Siddharth Tiwari is related to ?
(A)World Bank
(B)International Monetary Fund
(C)Asian Development Bank
(D)Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
(E)None of them

20.Which of the following public sector bank in India has opened 104 new branches across the country recently to mark its 104th anniversary?
(A)Andhra Bank
(B)Allahabad Bank
(C)Canara Bank
(D)Corporation Bank
(E)Bank of Baroda

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