GK & Current Affairs: May 3, 2014

1. In which of the following countries world’s highest tunnel for high-speed train has been opened recently?

The world’s highest tunnel for high speed trains in northwest China became operational at an altitude of 3,607 metres. The 16.3 km long was completely linked up, operationalising the linking Gansu provenance and Xinjiang provenance.

2. The “Spiti Valley” is a desert mountain valley located in______?
[A]Himachal Pradesh
[C]Jammu & Kashmir
[D]Uttar Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh
The Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayan Mountains in the north-eastern part of the Himachal Pradesh.

3. Which among the following is the most populous State in USA?
[B]New York


4. In the “CAMELS” bank-rating system, the word A stands for ___?
[A]Adequate quality
[B]Asset quality
[C]Average quality
[D]Annual quantity

Asset quality
CAMELS is a bank-rating system where bank supervisory authorities rare institutions according to six factors. The six factors examined are C-Capital adequacy, A-Asset quality, M-Management quality, E-Earnings, L-Liquidity, S-Sensitivity to Market Risk.

5. “Sandra Helen Robson”, who became the first woman kayaker to paddle across the Palk Strait, belongs to which country?

Sandra Helen Robson is an Australian sea kayaker. She became the first woman kayaker to paddle across the Palk Strait after circumnavigating Sri Lanka as part of her expedition, which began in 2011.

6. As per the latest study, which Jupiter’s moon is believed to have club sandwich ocean capable of supporting life?

A study revealed that Jupiter’s moon Ganymede may possess ice and liquid oceans stacked up in several layers much like the popular multilayered sandwich. This arrangements would make possible all sorts of interesting chemical reactions-including, perhaps, the kind that led to the rise of life on earth.

7. The Government of India is presently negotiating a bilateral Board Based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) with __?
[B]European Union

European Union
The Government of India is presently negotiating a bilateral Board Based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) with the European Union (EU), covering a number of tracks ranging from Trade in Goods to Services. So far fifteen rounds of negotiations have been held, the last being in May 2013 in New Delhi.

8. Recently, World Health Organisation (WHO) has imposed international travel restriction on which of the following countries over polio fear?
[A]Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan
[B]Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon
[C]Pakistan, Syria and Nigeria
[D]Pakistan, Nigeria and Cameroon

Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon
The WHO slapped international travel restrictions on Pakistan, Cameroon and Syria over the countries failure to control the spread of the deadly polio virus. According to WHO restrictions, it will be mandatory for all residents and long-term visitors from Pakistan, Cameroon and Syria to receive dose of Oral Polio Vaccine between 4 weeks and 12 months prior to international travel.

9. World Press Freedom Day is observed on ____?
[A]May 1
[B]May 3
[C]May 4
[D]May 6

May 3
World Press Freedom Day or World Press Day is observed every year on 3 May.

10. The “National Working Plan Code” is a tool for management of ___?
[A]Forest Resources
[C]Defence structure
[D]Contiguous diseases

Forest Resources
National Working Plan Code, working plan is a tool for scientific forest management. It is very useful for evaluating the status of forest resource.

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